How To Avoid Letting Car Dealerships Con You

Buying a car is like playing a long, exhausting chess game that in the best-case scenario ends with you sinking deeper into debt as you drive off the lot in buyer’s remorse. In the worst-case scenario, you drive off as the salesmen high-five each other while chuckling about your idiocy. The least you can do is prevent this from happening by peeking into the enemy’s playbook.

Out of Your Rut helps you out by presenting these 10 was you can avoid getting ripped off:

1. Don’t buy when upside down on your current car. The dealership may roll your debt into your new loan.

2. Secure financing in advance. That way the finance guy won’t be able to play Jedi number tricks on you by messing around with the loan term and interest rate.

3. Don’t rely on your old car as part of your down payment. Use cash on hand and sell to a third party to avoid getting screwed by a low-ball trade-in offer.

4 and 5. Scope out both competitors’ prices and Kelly Blue Book to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

6. Turn down add-ons. Don’t spring for floor mats, window tinting or any other extras, for which you’ll not only be overpaying for, but will accrue interest throughout the life of your loan.

7. Bring along a friend or family member who’s a better negotiator than you are to speak for you.

8. Be ready to walk away from the table at any moment.

9. Don’t lease a new car. If you can’t afford to buy the car you want, aim for a lower-cost model.

10. Leave emotions at home. This is strictly business, so don’t let sympathy, anger or new-car lust cloud your judgment.

What’s the worst way a car dealer ever ripped you off?

10 Ways to Buy a Car Without Getting Ripped Off [Out of Your Rut]

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