Woman Arrested Over Wet T-Shirt Complaints At Florida Children's Water Park

A 36-year-old woman says she’s planning on suing the city of Tavares, Florida, because its police force demanded her name for a “database” as she was leaving a children’s water park last spring. She’d taken her 7-year-old son there for the third time that season, and on each visit, other parents complained that her wet t-shirt and bra look was offensive. As she was leaving, a police officer demanded her name, and arrested her when she refused.

The Tavares police Chief told the Orlando Sentinel that the woman wasn’t arrested for semi-visible boobs: “She was not arrested for anything she was wearing. The officer just wanted her name and she refused… And she was warned she could be arrested.”

Her lawyer says he thinks the police were demanding her name because she’s a native of Peru, and so although she’s an American citizen, she might look like a possible illegal immigrant:

Marks said police had no legal justification for demanding that Lovett tell the officer her name because there was no evidence she committed or was about to commit a crime.

“What kind of database would they put her in? A database for wet T-shirt wearers?” Marks asked. “She wasn’t there to cause trouble…They’re either absolutely incompetent or they don’t know the law.”

“Mom plans to sue Tavares for arrest following wet T-shirt at children’s park” [Orlando Sentinel] (Thanks to myCatCracksMeUp!)

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