Sprint Hikes Prices By Dumping Discounts

If you’re proud of how much money you’re saving on your Sprint family or share plan because of all the mad discounts you’re getting, get ready for a price hike. After August 27th, Sprint is getting rid of all add-a-phone discounts.

Affected users are getting this message on the back of their bills:

Discount Policy Change Notice
Effective 8/27/10, discounts will no longer apply to the monthly recurring charge for Add-a-Phone lines beyond the first two lines on family or share plans. The primary and second lines will continue to receive discounts.

So if you had an employee/member discount, like for working for UPS, being a member of the armed forces, having Allstate Insurance, being in a certain credit union, or otherwise, and you had a family/share plan with multiple lines, it’s only going to apply to the first phone line after Aug 27. (The notice says “primary and second” but that’s a red herring as the discounts never got any discounts in the first place).

You might be able to make lemonade from these lemons, though. One reader said he cited this change as a materially adverse change of contract and was able to escape his Sprint service without paying an early termination fee.

NVP Discount Policy Change Effective 8/1/2010 [Sprint Users]

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