So This Is What Starbucks' Not-Coffee Coffee Looks Like

Yesterday, we wrote about the new Starbucks drinks made from a base of unroasted coffee beans that are being tested right now in the San Diego area. Consumerist reader Josh popped by his local ‘Bucks and was able to snap a pic so those of us outside Ron Burgundy-Land could see what “coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee” looks like.

As for the taste, Josh tells us:

I prefer the Cool Lime with Fresh Mint, as it reminds me of a mojito, minus the good stuff of course. The Very Berry Hibiscus is refreshing, but not sweet enough for my expectations.

Consumerist commenter Mundo seemed to agree about the Very Berry Hibiscus:

For $2.50 for a Tall, it honestly tasted like slightly sweetened fruit juice, and is not something I’d be coming back for more of.

Mundo also pointed out that most of the people at that particular Starbucks were opting for the Cool Lime flavor.

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