Don't Get A Staph Infection At The Gym

Besides the number of the cute guy over at the free weights, you can also pick up MRSA, athlete’s foot, jock itch, boils, impetigo, herpes simplex or ringworm.

So much sweat and skin extruding onto equipment can be a cocktail for trouble if you don’t take the proper precautions.

A new position paper by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association recommends:

  • washing your hands before and after using equipment
  • bring your own mat that you clean on a regular basis for floor exercise
  • shower with antibacterial soap right after a workout
  • put on clean clothes right after a work out
  • use only your own towels and soap

…unless you want to end up like the kid who got a pimple after competing in a wrestling match that by the next morning had ballooned to the size of his bicep. It was a staph infection and had to be lanced.

Be Sure Exercise Is All You Get at the Gym [NYT]

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