911: Driving You To The Liquor Store Is Not An Emergency

Frivolous 911 calls are a serious waste of time and resources and authorities have little patience for those who dial the emergency number for petty grievances. So when a man from Florida thought the best way to get a lift to the liquor store was to call 911, he ended up behind bars.

The 57-year-old man had already called the 911 hotline in St. Augustine twice to ask for a ride from the local Budget Inn to the liquor store. He was warned that a third call would result in arrest. So when that third call was made, he did get a free ride — downtown.

The man was charged with misusing 911 and possession of marijuana after a police officer spied a small amount of marijuana in the man’s motel room.

Man Calls 911 For Ride To Liquor Store; Gets Busted For Pot [TokeOfTheTown.com via I Have Zlata Thoughts]

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