DirecTV Finds Out It's Overcharged Me By $400, Forks It Over

Lance has a rare story of a company finding out about its own long-term mistake, owning up to it and offering to make good on the error before it’s caught. DirecTV discovered it had been double-billing him for premium channels for months and told Lance it would give him all the money back.

Lance writes:

Last week I received a letter from DirecTV stating that they discovered an error related to billing for my services. Turns out I was being double charged for the movie channels. My premium package included all of the movie channels, plus I was paying for them to be added to my service individually.

I probably should have paid more attention to the bill, but I missed it from the very beginning. DirecTV issued me a credit on my statement for over $400 and even offered to cut me a check if I preferred to have the money right away. Not sure if mine was a rare case or maybe DirecTV discovered that this was happening to many more customers. Either way, they came through with a nice resolution.

If a company has ever done something like this for you, do tell.