Mystery Of Hidden Space At Cup Noodles Bottom Revealed

Last month, we wondered about the secret space hidden at the bottom of every cup noodles. It turns out it does not house a flavor gremlin or invisible unicorn eggs. Instead, there is a very good science reason for it, which we would have known had we reviewed the exhibition guide to the Instant Ramen museum in Osaka, Japan.

Among many other interesting ramen noodle factoids, the museum has a section of the exhibit devoted to the discovery of the suspended noodles technique:

“A method by which the noodles are tightly packed so as to remain suspended in the middle of the container was invented and called “Middle Suspension.” By using this method, the noodles are less likely to break, and since there is a space at the bottom of the cup, hot water can circulate thoroughly from below, ensuring that the noodles soften evenly.”

Mystery solved!

Explanation of Exhibition (PDF) [Nissin-Noodles] (Thanks to Nick!)

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