What's Creepier, New Chevy Volt Ads, Or John Carpenter's Christine?

At first I thought it was a horror movie trailer coming out of the dashboard radio. There is a wall of droning sound, then an intense voice overlays with, “Listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of the status quo crumbling.” I wondered what new machete-wielding maniac would be gracing the theaters this summer, until I realized that his name was Chevy Volt. What? That’s your electric car ad? Why does it sound so much like the trailer for the 1983 cult classic Christine in which an otherworldly-possessed car goes on a murderous rampage?

Watch and judge for yourself. What’s creepier, GM Chevy Volt ad (2010)…
(Note, the tv ad is slightly less creepier than the radio ad because the tv ad has no voiceover and the radio ad has no visual to match with the wall of sound so you have no way of knowing that it’s supposed to be from a road).

…or the trailer for Christine (1983)?
When you hear the “whoomp” in the Volt commercial, that’s when Christine eats you.

Now vote!

As an added bonus, here’s the 1996 ad for the GM EV1 electric car, which appears to have been made in front of the walls of Hiroshima:

Car ads have singing hamsters and fighter jets and cars doing flips all over the city while a hot new M.I.A. track plays. Chevy’s Volt ad, which seems to be drawing from the same creepy playbook as GM’s old EV1 ads, seem poorly suited for the purpose of selling cars. Having screwed up in the automotive industry, maybe GM should get into the thriller film business instead.

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