Really Creepy Ads Killed The Electric Car

I watched the Who Killed The Electric Car documentary last night and was thunderstruck by the “ad” that GM made when California made them make electric cars against their will. If you want to sell a car, you put a hot person in it and shoot them skidding at high speeds across desert plains. This was like trailer for a sequel to The Ring.

Elongated shadows of a family spill across across pavement at a canted angle while a spectral chorus moans in the background. “How does it go without sparks or explosions?” asks the voice over. Right when it says “explosions,” the camera moves in on the baby carriage shadow. Then it fades to black, and when it fades back in, near where the baby carriage was there’s an explosiony-looking pock-mark on the ground.

You don’t have to have a PhD psychology to figure out that they were trying to scare consumers away from buying electric cars.

GM EV1 TV Commercial 1 [YouTube]
Who Killed the Electric Car? [Netflix]

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