Parents Television Council F*cking Pissed About Repeal Of FCC Indecency Ban

Not surprisingly, in the wake of yesterday’s decision by a New York court to scrap the ridiculous FCC rule against on-air profanity, the not-at-all-overprotective folks at the Parents Television Council are raising their hands in the air and asking, “What about the children?”

In a statement posted on the PTC’s site, president Tim Winter writes:

Let’s be clear about what has happened here today: A three-judge panel in New York once again has authorized the broadcast networks unbridled use of the ‘f-word’ at any time of the day, even in front of children. The Court substituted its own opinion for that of the Supreme Court, the Congress of the United States, and the overwhelming majority of the American people. For parents and families around the country, this ruling is nothing less than a slap in their face. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the Obama administration must immediately appeal.

Today’s ruling comes as absolutely no surprise, given the hostile tenor of the judges during oral arguments. Members of the Second Circuit panel entered the courtroom that day wearing their intentions clearly on their sleeves. What does come as a surprise is the rationale of the opinion, which is devoid of reality. The Court’s illogical analysis would require the overturning of virtually every law on our nation’s books for lack of clarity.

The broadcast decency law, which our nation’s Highest Court has upheld, is clear: broadcasters must refrain from violating community standards of decency during hours when children are likely to be in the audience. The indecency law doesn’t prohibit broadcasters from airing indecent material; it only requires that indecent material air outside the hours when children are likely to be in the audience.

The PTC will vigorously work to defend the FCC’s legal authority to preserve the public airwaves as the last bastion of safety for children and families.

You might remember that the PTC is part of the coalition of so-called family oriented groups who recently demanded that Comcast reveal how much money they make from broadcasting porn.

So listen up, Supreme Court. Or else the PTC might seek advisory board members Michael Medved or Billy Ray Cyrus on you.

PTC Attacks Court Ruling Allowing Unedited Profanity to Air at Any Time of Day [PTC press release]

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