Stupidest Man In Canada Cuts In Front Of Cops To Rob Starbucks

Another tip to anyone wishing to hold up a Starbucks: Not only is it a bad idea to go ahead with the robbery if there are police officers in the shop at the time, but you should probably not cut in front of the cops in order to start your hold up.

This exact scene played out over the weekend at a Starbucks in British Columbia, when two police officers watched as a 43-year-old man ignored them and the other people in line, walked right up to the register, threw a drink in an employee’s face and demanded cash.

Making things even more bizarre for the cops, they had just spoken with this same man outside the Starbucks only minutes earlier.

“[The officers] looked at each other in astonishment that someone would attempt that with two uniform officers in the room,” a police rep told the press afterward.

The wannabe robber was quickly apprehended and arrested by the officers. No word on whether or not they were able to get the coffee they were waiting in line for.

Cops say robber cut ahead of them in line at Starbucks [CTV]

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