McDonald's: We're Not Strangers In The Playground Handing Out Candy To Kids

A few weeks ago, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (aka Buzzkill Central) made headlines by threatening to file a lawsuit against McDonald’s if the fast foodies didn’t stop putting toys in their Happy Meals. Perhaps not surprisingly, the boys and girls at the Golden Arches aren’t exactly pleased with the news.

In a letter to CSPI, McDonald’s CEO, who may or may not be a middle-aged man in a creepy yellow and red clown suit, said:

CSPI is wrong in its assertions and frivolous in its legal threats… CSPI’s twisted characterization of McDonald’s as ‘the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children’ is an insult to every one of our franchisees and employees around the world.

Unfazed, a CSPI wet blanket who probably thinks Christmas should be canceled responded with:

We hope that McDonald’s takes us up on our offer to negotiate an end to the practice of using toys to market unhealthful foods directly to children… If it doesn’t, that will all but guarantee that we will have to resort to litigation.

In its initial missive to McDonald’s, CSPI had given McDonald’s 30 days to start removing toys from Happy Meals. Something tells us McDonald’s isn’t exactly circling that date in red Sharpie on its calendar.

McDonald’s Blasts Criticism of Happy-Meal Toys [WSJ]

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