KFC Hates Vuvuzelas Too; Will Give You A Free Doublicious For Yours

Were you one of the few people on this continent to get caught up in the World Cup hullaballoo? Did you get drunk enough to think that buying a vuvuzela — the obnoxiously loud plastic horn that has been the bane of many Cup watchers — would be a good idea? If so, the fried chicken-loving folks at KFC might be willing to exchange your noisemakers for one of their bellyachers.

In a letter written to “U.S. Resident Vuvuzela Owners,” KFC’s CEO details the fast food chain’s offer:

We hear you, LOUD and clear. With the trumpeting of America’s vuvuzelas beginning to fade, KFC is proud to announce an open offer that will provide “Doublicious” satisfaction for soccer fans’ ears and America’s stomachs.

KFC’s new Vuvuzela Exchange Program offers heartbroken soccer fans a free taste of the Colonel’s famous comfort food in exchange for their recently silenced plastic horns.

The Vuvuzela Exchange Program is simple — the first 500 U.S. residents who mail their vuvuzelas to KFC Headquarters by July 15, 2010 will receive a KFC gift check to try our new Doublicious sandwich in return…

We hope vuvuzela owners from coast to coast take us up on our offer to trade in their noisemakers for a taste of our new signature sandwich. That would produce the kind of buzz that’s easy on the ears and the taste buds.

Reading the fine print, it appears those who take part will receive a generic $5 KFC gift card, which would not require you to get a Doublicious, which if you forget is basically the Double Down minus one chicken breast and on a bun.

If you have an extra vuvuzela sitting around and can somehow get it to KFC HQ by July 15 for less than $5 in shipping, here’s the address:

KFC Corporate Headquarters
Attention: Vuvuzela Exchange Program
1900 Colonel Sanders Lane
Louisville, KY 40213


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