Apple: Puerto Ricans Aren't Americans And Can't Have Free iPhone 4 Cases

Sorry Puerto Ricans, even though you bought your iPhone 4s with U.S. dollars, endure AT&T’s shoddy “national” coverage, and are United States citizens, Apple doesn’t think you’re entitled to a free case like real Americans. Apple originally told Puerto Ricans that they would qualify for free apology cases, but decided to cancel all orders being shipped to Puerto Rico after claiming that they were “unable to ship to an international address.”

One understandably pissed customer writes:

I bought my new Apple iPhone 4 from ATT two weeks ago. I live in Puerto Rico and for ATT, Puerto Rico is part of their National coverage. I have a National Data Plan with free roaming everywhere in the States and never had a problem before.

I registered my iPhone 4 with no issues with A few days ago Apple sent me an email letting me know I qualify for the free case program and asked me to install the app in my iPhone 4 in order to be able to order my free case. I followed all the instructions and ordered the case. I received an Order Confirmation email with an October ETA for delivery.

Last night I received the following email from Apple saying that they do not ship to “International locations”, therefore my free case order has been canceled. I am confused. Is Apple good enough to sell their iPhone 4 to me through their ATT partner but now they won’t send me the free case? They can sell me the phone but can’t send me the solution to the antenna problem they caused?

I recall hearing Steve Jobs saying that this free case solution would be for everybody who bought an iPhone 4. What kind of service is this?Is Apple discriminating us?

Apple sent out the following notice:

Thank you for your recent order with the Apple Online Store. We appreciate your business.

We are unable to complete your order. We do not ship to international, freight forwarder, APO, FPO, or P.O. Box addresses.

We offer the following information:

International Shipping: We are unable to ship to an international address. Therefore your order has been cancelled. Please visit the Apple Store Worldwide for the Apple Store Store in your country of residence.

Freight Forwarders: We do not ship to Freight Forwarders. Therefore your order has been cancelled.

APO, FPO or Post Office Boxes: Our carriers are unable to deliver orders to these addresses. Please visit to change your address to a physical address, so that we may continue processing your order. If we do not receive a response from you within one week, your order will be cancelled. You will need to login to your account with your Apple ID to locate this order.

For Apple’s Online Store Sales Policy please visit:

To locate an Apple Authorized Reseller in your area:

If you wish to reorder, please visit or call 1-800-MY-APPLE.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you.

Apple Online Store

We get it, Puerto Rico sounds exotic. But the U.S. Postal Service swears it’s part of America. Mailing a letter? That costs one U.S. stamp. Mailing a free replacement case to apologize for releasing a phone that drops calls when held? You get the idea. The post office even has a helpful guide to abbreviating state names. Apple can find Puerto Rico smushed right between the equally exotic destinations of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Obviously Apple should find a way to ship the free replacement cases to their Puerto Rican customers. If they can’t, Puerto Ricans might want to consider calling their politicians—you know, the ones who sit in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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