Saggy Pants Legal: Your Constitutional Right To Foolishness Has Been Protected

A Bronx judge has ruled that saggy pants are not, in fact, illegal and do not constitute “Disorderly Conduct.” The ruling comes in a case where a gentleman was issued a summons because he was wearing “his pants down below his buttocks exposing underwear [and] potentially showing private parts,” says Gothamist.

The judge didn’t think that saggy pants qualified, and interprets the constitution as protecting foolishness:

While most of us may consider it distasteful, and indeed foolish, to wear ones pants so low as to expose the underwear, as the Court stated in O’Gorman, “people can dress as they please, wear anything, so long as they do not offend public order and decency.”… Moreover, “the Constitution still leaves some opportunity for people to be foolish if they so desire.”

Judge: Wearing Saggy Pants Is Not A Crime [Gothamist]

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