Sears Still Has Customers, Can't Manage To Sell Them Actual Merchandise

Freddy tells Consumerist that his girlfriend tried to buy a vacuum cleaner from Sears, but the self-destructive retailer stopped her at every turn. After waiting through six weeks of delays and broken promises, she finally asked for a refund and bought the same item at a lower price at Walmart.

My girlfriend bought a Vacuum from Sears.

They don’t keep items on the show room so you are forced to pay for the item BEFORE they check the warehouse to see if they actually have one.

Of course they didn’t!

So it took them 2 weeks to find the Vacuum and let her know to come pick it up.

She took it home and it promptly broke.

She brought it in for repair.

They said come back in a week and it will be fixed. We get there and it’s not ready.

They keep it for more 2 weeks then when she called they told her to come get it. They bring out the in pieces and say they couldn’t find the part that they needed to repair it.

But they would swap it for the newer model free of charge, all she had to do was come back next and pick it up.

We get there and (you guessed it) they don’t have the other vacuum either.

So a week later they call and say come get the new vacuum. She makes them promise that it is there and they can actually see it.

We get there and no Vacuum.

Finally she says she is not leaving until the manager comes and gives her a refund which they did.

We went to Walmart and found the same vacuum for $10 cheaper.

side note: Every visit involved a 20 minute wait while they checked the warehouse.

There we have it: another story helping to prove the truth about Sears. Sears isn’t a retail establishment, but some kind of massive anti-capitalist prank. You know, like Lenovo.

Had Freddy contacted us before giving up and going to Walmart, we would have recommended that his girlfriend talk to the nice people on the Sears Cares team. She’s probably better off now, anyway.

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