Man Spends 24 Hours Inside A 24 Hour Fitness

In just the last few months, writer Bayan Rabbani has tested his own limits — as well as those of the employees — with his 24-hour outings to Walmart and Starbucks. Now, he’s gone to the next most logical location: 24 Hour Fitness.

Unlike Bayan’s previous retail camping trips, 24 Hour Fitness got wind of his impending trip to one of their gyms. And even though news of the stunt got all the way up to corporate HQ, the company still decided to let him go through with it.

They might have regretted that decision when, around 20 hours into his day-long workout, Bayan slipped into an animal-print snuggie to do some sweating in style.

During his time at the gym, Bayan managed to slip in five different classes, from yoga to pilates to spinning, where he made the mistake of positioning his groggy butt directly in front of the instructor.

“I’m not sure what molested me more: The bike seat or the instructor yelling “HARDER! FASTER! MORE! YOU GOT IT! POWEERRR!!!!” he Tweeted from the gym.

He also consumed a ridiculous amount of protein, ordered pizza for himself and the staff while he lounged in the hot tub, and lost a grand total of one pound.

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