NY Town Considering 'Do Not Knock' List

The people in Rye, NY, are so fed-up with unsolicited visitors banging on their doors to sell them something or ask for their support in an election that they’re considering creating a “Do Not Knock” registry that would forbid door-to-door types from interrupting their peace and quiet.

Because legit sales reps or non-profit fundraisers already need to get a permit from the city clerk if they want to do their business in Rye, it wouldn’t be too complicated to hand them a registry of people who have requested to not be disturbed.

Under the proposal, door-knocking for sales calls after 8 p.m. would be banned outright.

Do not knock lists have begun to spurt up in communities across the country, especially in the wake of recent elections that saw zealous supporters of both parties beating down voters’ doors.

Rye considers ‘No knocking list’ [ABC 7]

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