Man Who Offered To Set Car On Fire Saves Home

The guy who offered to set his car on fire in exchange for “loanations” (his word–he says he’s going to pay back all donations) managed to raise enough money to prevent the foreclosure sale of his house yesterday. Below is a video of him handing over a check for $21,000. The only problem is, now he’s saying he might not burn the car.

As for coming through on the promise of torching his car, he writes on his blog:

I have received several requests, that, rather than light the car on fire that I donate it to charity, or auction it off. I would be happy to do so. However, I believe a large portion of those who loanated did so because of the advertisement of lighting the car on fire. However I have emailed each of those who lent me the money to see if the general consensus has changed.

THANKS! WE saved the Maxim-Pad from Foreclosure (Thanks to Tom!)

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