Sony Explains How Its Motion Controls Are Better Than Rivals'

Kotaku snapped this shot from Sony’s holiday catalog, which offers a compare-and-contrast feature chart that proclaims its upcoming Move motion controller — due out in September — is profoundly superior to Microsoft’s Kinect and Wii’s controllers.

It’s an understandably biased feature selection, but not wholly out of bounds. Note, as Kotaku did, that the chart does not include price. For multiplayer motion controls, the Wii will run you $60 for an extra two-part controller, the Kinect will cost $150 and a pair of Sony Move controllers and a required PlayStation Eye will run you $140. Add in two optional Wii Nunchuk-like navigation controllers (which can be substituted for regular PS3 controllers) and you’re out a total of $200.

Which of you PS3 owners plan on paying big money to turn your machine into a Wii?

How PlayStation Move Trumps Wii And Kinect According To Sony [Kotaku]

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