Why Did Walmart Add A $3 Warranty To This DVD Purchase Without Asking?

Would you buy an extended warranty for a DVD? We can’t imagine that most people would…and if they did, it would last longer than a year. John, however, sent in this receipt from a Texas Walmart store. He writes that the store tried to sneak a $3 “protection” plan along with his ex’s purchase of a $15 DVD. And not just any old warranty: it’s an extended warranty that, as far as we can determine, Walmart doesn’t even sell for DVDs.

John writes:

My ex went to Wally World today and bought a new DVD, noticing that the ticket total was a few bucks more than she expected. Looking at the receipt, she noticed a “1 YR Disc Plan” for $3 had been added without her input. When she inquired, she was told that they were now automatically added to every DVD purchased! Not once was she asked if she wanted it, it was just tacked on.

Curiously, though adding it was instantaneous and secretive, it took a couple of minutes and a supervisor to take it off.

A 1 year DVD warranty? Exactly how does an aluminum-coated piece of plastic go bad? Defective exchanges are already free (and SHOULD be), and somehow I suspect that scratches & scuffs due to careless handling void the warranty.

John is right: this product doesn’t make any sense. And, as far as we can figure out, Walmart doesn’t even sell such a product. You can buy a protection plan for video game discs or cartridges, but not for movie discs.

So what the heck happened here? We contacted Walmart, but haven’t heard back yet.

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