Should College Students In Dorms Have To Buy Their Own Toilet Paper?

Often, one of the perks of living in a dorm at college is the housekeeping, which dumps the trash, hoses down the bathroom and refills depleted toilet paper rolls in the stalls. But at Texas A&M, students in dorms may soon be responsible for having to supply their own TP.

It’s all part of a cost-cutting plan by the school’s Department of Student Affairs, which says the University can save $82,000 each year by cutting down on the use of gratis toilet paper.

According to the proposal, students would get some free TP at the beginning of the semester, but as soon as that supply is exhausted, it’s up to the students to replenish it themselves.

One A&M student predicts that this is only going to encourage petty thievery of toilet paper:

It’s going to make people resort to going where there is toilet paper on campus and taking it from there.

Thinking back to my college days and remembering the things my friends used as substitute toilet paper when the roll was empty… okay, now I’ve lost my appetite.

A&M may drop free TP in dorms [Houston Chronicle]

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