Should College Students In Dorms Have To Buy Their Own Toilet Paper?

Often, one of the perks of living in a dorm at college is the housekeeping, which dumps the trash, hoses down the bathroom and refills depleted toilet paper rolls in the stalls. But at Texas A&M, students in dorms may soon be responsible for having to supply their own TP.

It’s all part of a cost-cutting plan by the school’s Department of Student Affairs, which says the University can save $82,000 each year by cutting down on the use of gratis toilet paper.

According to the proposal, students would get some free TP at the beginning of the semester, but as soon as that supply is exhausted, it’s up to the students to replenish it themselves.

One A&M student predicts that this is only going to encourage petty thievery of toilet paper:

It’s going to make people resort to going where there is toilet paper on campus and taking it from there.

Thinking back to my college days and remembering the things my friends used as substitute toilet paper when the roll was empty… okay, now I’ve lost my appetite.

A&M may drop free TP in dorms [Houston Chronicle]


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  1. VA_White says:

    When my husband deploys, he brings his own TP since the government issue stuff isn’t to his liking. He takes it to and from the loo every time. I predict that’s what the students will do as well.

    • Preyfar says:

      Ahh, yes. Government TP. They either have the “half ply” roll that’s transparent and requires about 50ft of TP to equal a standard Charmin square or the gritty sandpaper roll.

      • VA_White says:

        He is brash and shameless about it. I could never advertise my need to poo by publicly brandishing my soft TP but he has no problem with it.

        • mattarse says:

          Cargo pockets in military fatigues are just the right size for a normal roll. Ah the things I remember…

    • jason in boston says:

      I did the same thing on my 2 deployments. The TP with lotion and aloe is worth it’s weight in gold. Literally. I would stash it wherever I could.

    • Mike says:

      I love the military toilet paper. I call it the John Wayne toilet paper because “It’s rough, it’s tough, and it don’t take shot off nobody.”

    • thisistobehelpful says:

      I thought that one ply scott stuff was rough until my ex brought home a boat roll as an example.

    • macoan says:

      Yup, bringing to & from the bathroom every time.

      I use to live with a roommate – and had no problem buying TP – but my roommate was always on the belief that you should check if you need new TP BEFORE you go to the bathroom… where mine was always if you use the last of it, you replace it for the next person.

      So one time he used all of it, and I did not want to replace the roll…. so started to just bring a roll with me in & out – a few days later, he (probable wondering why no new TP was ever put on the roll) seen me carry it out of the bathroom, so started the “TP” war between us – and to this day, he still thinks it was because I was being cheap and did not want to buy it…. and still never understood it was because he did not replace an empty roll with a new roll. (It was a very small bathroom, and the new rolls had to be stored in the closet outside of the bathroom…. so a PAIN IN THE BUTT I learned many time after going potty, looking over and seeing an empty roll…. Grrrrr…)

  2. JoeTheDragon says:

    “I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!”

  3. Tim says:

    The way of the airlines …

    • Pax says:

      Use the shower? 4 tokens for 5 minutes of tepid water, or 8 tokens for a “deluxe” shower of 5 minutes with actual HOT water.

      Use the toilet? 2 tokens to go in, 1 token for eight inches of half-ply TP, and 4 tokens to leave (which auto-flushes the toilet).

      Open a window? 4 tokens buys you fifteen minutes – then they close themselves.

      Turn on the heat? 20 tokens buys you one hour of heat, up to 60 degrees.

      Turn on the A/C? 20 tokens buys you cooling to 5 degrees cooler than ambient external temps, for one hour.

      Turn on the lights in your dorm room? 4 tokens for one hour of low-candlepower “you won’t stub your toe” lighting. 4 tokens for 30 minutes of “you won’t ruin your eyes trying to READ or STUDY” bright light … at your desk, only.

      Open the door to your dorm room – from either side? 2 tokens … and an alarm sounds if it’s held open longer than 90 seconds. 2 tokens shuts the alarm off for another 90 seconds. You can prepay,if you like.

      Use a telephone? High-end-price payphones in every dorm room. Oh, and faraday-cage-like WiFi / Cellphone signal-blocking wallpaper walls, floor, cieling, EVERYwhere.

      Access the internet? 50 tokens buys 12 hours of 56K access. 100 tokens buys 6 hours of 768K “broadband” access.

      Use an electrical outlet? 6 tokens turns each single socket on for 1 hour.

      Oh, Tokens? Electronically encoded on your Student ID. They can be reloaded for $6 per 20, plus a per-transaction fee of $5 … up to 200 Tokens per transaction. No cash or checks; major credit cards only.

      Wanna bet somewhere does something like this, within the next twenty years??

      • Joseph S Ragman says:

        Yeah … The University of Michigan

        please God, don’t give them any ideas …

      • thisistobehelpful says:

        Many campgrounds charge for 5 min increments and truckstops are like $10 for a shower and a nap spot. Water costs money too but I would think that’s something that would normally be included in dorm fees considering that’s something that is often included in rent. Toilet paper is not.

      • GearheadGeek says:

        Except for the concept of “tokens.” That doesn’t work at all, because it allows the rare thrifty student to see how much he’s actually paying for the services. It would be some nebulous account that was charged up with monies paid at the beginning of the semester, you’d have a minimum amount that was more than 90% of students actually use in a semester, and the remainder at the end of the term would disappear.

      • Punch Rockgroin says:

        When my mom was studying at university in the UK, some of her housing had coin-operated showers, heaters, and lighting. It’s bound to show up here in due time.

  4. Thyme for an edit button says:

    They are definitely going to start swiping TP from around campus.

    • INsano says:


    • ktetch says:

      Swiper no wiping!
      Swiper no wiping!

      Ohhh MAAAN!

    • Fair&Balanced says:

      Yep, so now instead of students getting toilet paper for pennies a roll because the school buys in bulk they have to pay much more.

      The worst part is those in dorms usually don’t have cars, so how are they supposed to buy toilet paper from the store????? (How can they get it quickly if it is an emergency???)

      I am sure the school will be selling toilet paper in the campus stores for twice the price you can get it at walmart. This is a joke and uncivilized.
      You share a bathroom with other students, so the toilet paper should be part of your fees (they should just raise the price by a few dollars, everyone will gladly pay it)

    • SteveZim1017 says:

      Agreed. who thought this would work. between the extra TP now being used in communal locations like classroom buildings and Food services, and the theft from said places, they will save almost nothing. not to mention the backlash from the community from all the students stealing TP from the surrounding businesses.

      Oh and how often is someone gonna have to unclog the dorm toilets because people are flushing socks and other improvised wiping devices.

  5. Student Boy says:

    My freshman year last year, UNT supplied the first roll of TP. However after close examination by scientists, it was actually sandpaper. First my first loan check rolled in, I bought the Cadillac of TP.

  6. smo0 says:

    Well if you’re a poor college student, even going to your local fast food joint and using the restroom there can give a TP fill up. Also, most of the cleaning supply rooms aren’t locked – jack a roll or two from there…

    I’m not giving anyone advice – it’s just what’s more than likely the result.

  7. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    This entire proposal is somewhat moot without knowing how much money the university loses due to toilet paper theft. It’s one thing to cut supplying TP so you can save $82,000, but if students are going to resort to stealing (even more) from the main campus, you have to analyze how much of that $82,000 you’re going to lose because you have to buy more TP to make up for the stolen supply. It’s easy to tell students to not steal TP, but hard to enforce them unless you implement bag checks at exits.

    On the other hand, this is a fascinating social experiment. This is going to re-create the elementary school classroom for college students – you know, when your mom took you back to school shopping and on the list was a box of kleenex and you knew that if your mom got the cheap dollar store kleenex, you could shove it into the pile and no one would know that it was you who made everyone’s nose chafe. Whoever supplies the crappy one-ply sandpaper TP is going to be very unpopular.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      and the hourly wage of the person who has to a) replace the stolen TP and b) clean up the crap left all over the place by angry students acting out when there’s no TP

  8. Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

    We only had TP supplied when we had group bathrooms freshman year. After that, we had either private bathrooms or bathrooms shared with 3 or 4 other rooms, and we had to buy our own TP. I’d rather buy my own, anyway, as I prefer something softer than 80 grit.

    • econobiker says:

      We had a similar setup too.

      After the first year, when we moved into an apartment dorm, I supplied 96 rolls of store use sand- err, toilet paper from my summer grocery store job. The grocery store was provisioned weekly with store use tp but the employees used the better brands from broken packs off of the shelves and wrote those up for store scrap. I happened on the maintenance room shelves filled with store use tp and made sure I relieved 4 to 10 rolls per week inside of moving boxes.

      My roommates complained but I just said “buy your own if you have a problem”. Those 96 rolls lasted to the last week of that year.

    • econobiker says:

      We had a similar setup too.

      After the first year, when we moved into an apartment dorm, I supplied 96 rolls of store use sand- err, toilet paper from my summer grocery store job. The grocery store was provisioned weekly with store use tp but the employees used the better brands from broken packs off of the shelves and wrote those up for store scrap. I happened on the maintenance room shelves filled with store use tp and made sure I relieved 4 to 10 rolls per week inside of moving boxes.

      My roommates complained but I just said “buy your own if you have a problem”. Those 96 rolls lasted to the last week of that year.

  9. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Wow, $82000! What a cost saving measure!! Let’s do the math together, shall we?

    # of A&M Students: approx. 48700
    % living on campus: approx. 20.5
    (Source: )
    # of students on campus: 48700 x 0.205 = 9983.5
    Cost saved per student: $82,000 / 9983.5 = $8.21 a year.

    Un freakin’ believable.

    • exconsumer says:

      This. Just charge the students a bit more, It’s negligible and they’ll thank you for it in the end.

      A communal bathroom presupposes the necessary supplies. . . so just do it. The only reason anyone is considering this is because the idea of imposing austere measures on young people (even measures you yourself would never accept as reasonable) is psychologically satisfying to the underdeveloped. If this were an office full of 40somethings, no one would have even suggested it.

      • coren says:

        Or their ends will thank you for it. *rimshot*

      • GearheadGeek says:

        Most of the residence halls on A&M’s campus are “suite” style unless something has changed a lot recently. the “modular” dorms have private baths, most dorms have 2 rooms sharing a bath. The oldest dorms still in use are the bath-down-the-hall types, and I think those will probably have their 200-grit provided by TAMU since you’d have to remember to carry your roll down the hall otherwise. That would only work in the Corps, and they’d come up with some inconvenient manner in which underclassmen were required to carry it, and probably require underclassmen to come running if a senior shouted for paper (using some arcane Corps nickname for toilet paper, of course.)

      • Keith is checking the Best Buy receipt of a breastfeeding mother (for tips!) says:

        I see what you did there.

    • evnmorlo says:

      It looks like they already charge an “energy fee” so they might as well charge an “asswipe fee”.

  10. Alvis says:

    Dorms have housekeeping now? We had to take our own trash to dump down the trash chute, which promptly backed up around move-out.

    • ekthesi says:

      I lived in four different dorms in college and each of them had housekeeping to various degrees. Freshman year, I lived in a double; the common bathrooms were cleaned/restocked, hallway trash/recycling emptied, common areas were vacuumed, etc. Sophomore and senior year, I lived in suites (four rooms, one common area, shared bathroom with another suite) and they would empty trash/recycling in common areas and clean/restock the shared bathroom.

      My junior year, I lived in a quad with a private bathroom, and they would actually have someone come in twice a week to clean the bathroom. I don’t know why they did. I felt pretty badly about it, to be honest, because we were perfectly capable of doing it ourselves, but they insisted–I think for health/safety reasons the college didn’t want students responsible for cleaning, or not cleaning, their own bathrooms. Also, a dirty bathroom may have to have components replaced eventually so I suppose it was a maintenance kind of thing.

      As someone who cleaned his own bathroom and did a ton of chores growing up, it was weird for me to see people cleaning up “after” my fellow students and I, and I felt sort of guilty about it. However, it provided jobs to residents of a relatively poor region, etc. so I could rationalize it. I’d pass the hat around the hall at the end of the year so we could thank the people who cleaned the dorms properly, and eventually I learned that the physical plant workers would save all the bottles and cans and turn them in, and they took home a good chunk of change from that…symbiosis FTW.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        it may have also been an excuse for a college employed person to gain access to make sure no one was dead, growing pot or other nefarious scenarios

    • alaron says:

      Yes, dorms have housekeeping. We lived 2 to a room, with 4 rooms sharing a bathroom. We kept our own area clean, but housekeeping kept the common area clean and stocked.

    • misterfweem says:

      What a bunch of pansies. I lived in the dorms for two years and we did NOT have housekeeping. We bought our own TP and cleaned the bathrooms ourselves. How hard is it to scrub a toilet once a week, buy your own bumwad and generally keep the place clean?

      • kujospam says:

        Generally it is 50+ people sharing 3 toilets. It needs cleaned everyday. Don’t forget every night is party night for those college youngin’s. There is a lot of crap, and puke to clean up.

    • goodfellow_puck says:

      I never lived in dorms, but my best friend did. They had no housekeeping and were certainly not provided with TP! After her roommate wouldn’t buy any TP, my bf started keep hers locked up. Roommate then used paper towels and then just left them in the trashcan (that she also wouldn’t clean).

      Housekeeping sounds like a good idea to reduce roommate tension, but I would NOT want to be those poor cleaners. Kids generally live like pigs anyway and just what they need is another reason not to pick up after themselves. :P

    • Alvis says:

      To be fair, I only spent one year in a proper “dorm” and that was in a suite of four people, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. After that, I spent one year in a university-owned apartment that was three people, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, then went out into the community and rented houses with friends on my own.

      Since I graduated seven years ago, my alma mater has been adding more and more junior and senior dorms. I can’t help but feel like they’re screwing these kids over; being 22 and not knowing how to take care of your own living situation is pretty sad, yet I bet there are plenty of kids like that being churned out now.

      The only thing like housekeeping we had was that students in the evangelical christian campus group would come clean your bathroom for free, so long as you could stand listening to their message. Like vacation condo sales, but for freshmen.

  11. agraham999 says:

    Have you seen the cost of college these days? And they are worried about flipping the bill for toilet paper?

  12. MercuryPDX says:

    Can you spare a square?
    Sorry… I have not a square to share.

  13. Big Mama Pain says:

    When I was in college, a lot of students brought in their own TP because the stuff they used in the bathrooms was cheap. But considering how exorbitant the room and board fees are for college, wouldn’t TP have been budgeted in there somewhere? I realized by my second year that it was actually cheaper for me to move to an apartment with a roommate and commute to school than it was to pay for room and board.

    • Fidget says:

      Yeah, you pay out the ass (sorry, had to) just to live in dorms anyway and lots of schools require it for at least a year or two. Tack on $10 to everyone’s housing fee and be done with it (looking at the guy above’s breakdown of costs); call it “green student enrichment” or some crap like that. “Cooperative sanitation fee,” “community paper initiative”…having too much fun with this. Need more coffee.

      • Big Mama Pain says:

        But then men would complain because they are subsidizing women’s use of tp, since we use more.

  14. sonneillon says:

    The college toilet paper at the lower end colleges is about on par with newspaper in terms of softness.

    My anus requires either Cottonelle, or Charmin. Anything less is a travesty.

    • Verdant Pine Trees says:

      Not just the lower end. I worked for a top 50 SLAC (small liberal arts college). Eastern bloc toilet paper in the dorms there, too.

  15. Megalomania says:

    If they get their own bathroom (or share one with 1-3 other people) then sure. Otherwise, it’s the tragedy of the commons and shit will go downhill quickly. This seems like one of those obvious false threats – the outrage will give them an excuse to just raise tuition.

    Also, is the “Department of Students” at TAMU run by students? $82,000 seems like such a trivial amount of cash to a university that I can’t imagine they would do something so stupid and unpopular or even think to mention it.

  16. Dallas_shopper says:

    If you want clogged pipes and sky-high incidents of petty theft both in the dorms and at local shops, by all means implement this rule.

    It’s the most god-awful stupid thing I’ve ever heard of, but what can you expect from Aggies? (Sorry, I’m a UT-Austin grad…couldn’t resist.)

    • GearheadGeek says:

      Yeah, dorm residents at UT would just wipe their butts on the walls. Toilet paper is for nazis, man… they cut down TREES to make it! ;)

  17. RonDiaz says:

    You can barely call the stuff on our campus toilet paper anyways. Abrasive to say the least.

  18. Hungry Dog says:

    Living in military dorms and having to share a bathroom with 4 others, I had to bring in my on roll since no one replaced anything and would use all the precious tp if I was careless enough to leave it behind. I can only imagine what college students would resort to.

    • OnePumpChump says:

      When I was in military dorms, my suitemate or suitemates and I or I and my roommate would alternate buying 12 packs of toilet paper. Then I noticed at least one of my suitemates was going through the stuff like there was no tomorrow. I think he may have been eating it…he did get drunk enough often enough.

      Anyhow, I started keeping the pack of toilet paper in my room, and only leaving two rolls in the bathroom. What do you know, toilet paper consumption plummeted to reasonable levels. Even with me buying ALL the toilet paper, I was spending less on it than I had been before.

  19. CookiePuss says:

    Well at least students have a valid excuse for missing homework assignments. Sorry teach, I had to use my thesis to wipe my ass.

  20. Marshmelly says:

    Kinda didn’t understand this at first until I realized it referred to the communal bathrooms in dorms. I was in those suite-style dorms where you shared one between your 3 roommates, so we always had to buy our own TP, clean the bathrooms, etc. Still had the trash-room though :)

    I think they should keep supplying it in communal bathrooms, or just have the cost added into the boarding fees…it can’t be that complicated, and beats having a situation where there isn’t any toilet paper.

    • Alvis says:

      I think the schools are screwed because they have to keep SOME communal bathrooms. What happens when a parent visits and can’t find any toilet paper?

  21. JohnnyP says:

    Reading about crap TP makes my butt hurt…

  22. chiieddy says:

    I never had housekeeping in college. We always had to do it ourselves.

  23. Moriarty says:

    I predict a rise in incidents of doing without.

  24. odarkshineo says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to read a 6 months down the road follow up story…oh the stories they will tell…

  25. Angus99 says:

    This is going to promote a lot of “alternative” toilet paper solutions. I think of how broke and cheap I was during school – they better have a robust set of pipes because all kinds of unusual materials will wind up routing through them. Particulary if somebody is in a hurry, and finds out that the TP is gone while the clock is ticking…..

  26. brianisthegreatest says:

    I thought people were paying dorm and housing fees?

    • SabreDC says:

      They do. According to Texas A&M’s tuition website, students currently pay $8,008 per semester for housing. In fact, students who do not live on campus also have to pay $3,486 per semester to subsidize some of the housing costs for residents. TP should remain included as students are already paying for it.

      • GearheadGeek says:

        give your source another check, there… that’s the figure for a year, and it’s room AND board, not just housing cost. The most expensive private-bath dorms are just over $2500/semester for housing, and there are a couple of squalid ones that are $1377/semester. The “room and board” numbers include food, and the number you quoted as some imaginary contribution that off-campus students are making to subsidize students in the dorms is probably the estimate of what students spend on food in a year if they don’t have to pay for housing at all… I found it in a column labeled “resident at home with parents.”

  27. dosdelon says:

    And suddenly there was a rash of napkin thefts from the cafeteria and overflowing toilets…

  28. The Brad says:

    I lived in the dorms there. Trust me when I say it will be better served to bring your own tp into the dorm room bathrooms anyway.

  29. evnmorlo says:

    I think reducing Mike Sherman’s $1 800 000 salary by an 80000 would be less likely to increase the rate of cholera.

    • GearheadGeek says:

      I’m pretty sure the last CT will be long dead and the Aggie Band will be all non-reg girls before TAMU will ever ask a football coach to make a sacrifice.

  30. sopmodm14 says:

    i like how tuition always rises, yet financial aid goes down

    now they want to ration toilet paper ?

  31. jessjj347 says:

    Never had TP supplied…this school is lucky.

    I also don’t know of any schools with housekeeping, except I have heard of colleges who stuck the overflow of students into hotels and therefor had hotel housekeeping.

  32. ganzhimself says:

    I make my own TP at home…

  33. FrugalFreak says:

    YES, tuition should pay for class and students should pay for personal hygiene products. My question is what does the college plan to do with that money students are paying for now(it being included)?

    • s0s has a chewy nougat center says:

      Tuition pays for classes. Tuition is a SEPARATE charge from Room & Board, usually, which is separate from meal plans. Most students who live on campus have to pay for their schooling (tuition), AND for their R&B (being given a room with functional plumbing, cable, internet, minimal furniture), plus a SEPARATE charge for the luxury of consuming the fine cuisine of our nation’s higher institutions of learning.

      That $8.21/student/year is being covered in the R&B charge, not in the tuition payment. It should absolutely cover TP, unless they’re going to start giving that $8.21 back to each student every year since that’s what it’s basically earmarked for, or else use it in some other helpful way that’s tangible to students.

  34. c_c says:

    If they really wanted to save money they’d switch over to using the three seashells.

  35. mewyn dyner says:

    Honestly, I’d probably buy my own TP anyway, as I’m sure the school goes for the Scott’s Sandpaper on a Roll.

    I’m rather particular about TP and cleanliness.

    • dg says:

      Macho Wipe! “My man uses Macho Wipe or he doesn’t use anything at all!” – Lorraine Newman, SNL, Circa 1979…

  36. awer25 says:

    I always bought my own anyway – they stuff we got was downright awful.

  37. topher b says:

    It’s less civil and makes life crappy. Let’s DO IT!!!

  38. GearheadGeek says:

    If it’s anything like what TAMU put in the residence hall bathrooms in 1984-1986, Ags are much better off buying their own.

  39. digitalgimpus says:

    On weekends when there was no housekeeping in my dorm… toilet paper occasionally ran out (especially depending on what the cafe was serving).

    At that point, it became a valuable commodity. I kept some extra TP in my room stashed away. Also used to be real nice to the housekeeper so an extra roll or two would often be left before the weekend. That way on sunday evenings we still had TP.

    Little planning goes a long way.

  40. yusefyk says:

    Toilet paper is quite disgusting.. we don’t use it here because we do not like to smear feces on ourselves and call that “clean.”

  41. diasdiem says:

    When I was at A&M, we bought our own anyway. The stuff they use is rated in grit, not ply.

  42. f0nd004u says:

    Say what? College dorm housekeeping? Really? I never got any of that.

    And I always just stole toilet paper from public restrooms around campus. It’s easy to bust open the locks on the dispensers.

  43. Keith is checking the Best Buy receipt of a breastfeeding mother (for tips!) says:

    [Insert obligatory Aggie joke here.]

  44. halfcuban says:

    It depends on the housing; if its like old fashioned dorm rooms, with a large common shower and restroom area, then this proposal is ridiculous. If, however, the bathrooms are individual or suite style, then it should be up to the individual student. The obvious reason why this wouldn’t work with large style accomadations is that there is simply no way to keep track of whose supposed to buy what.

  45. thisistobehelpful says:

    I find this reasonable. It’s an easy way to teach kids to be responsible with necessities and one of the smallest things to expect them to pay for in college. It might result in bad roommate wars over tp use though.

  46. MattO says:

    this was standard procedure at my college…i went to the University of Hartford – unless you were in the freshman dorms, there were no people cleaning your suites, or supplying TP. same with shower curtains for the showers – everything except for freshman dorms were suites – 2-4 rooms, living room (kitchen depending on the building), and a bathroom – if you were in those, the cleaning people only cleaned hallways…not inside the suites, so replenishing was up to you.

  47. OnePumpChump says:

    Do these dorms have private bathrooms? Because if not, this is going to be a disASSter.

  48. Gregg Araki Rocks My World says:

    Any college student would simply steal it from somewhere else on campus. Just break into the janitors closet. You gotta do what you gotta do. College is expensive.

  49. common_sense84 says:

    Completely stupid. Raise the price if you have to. Why put everyone through the nightmare that they have to carry around their own roll. I have a feeling a few people may end up sitting down without realizing there is no TP and then causing bigger messes in disgust of the policy.

  50. yevarechecha says:

    Everybody in the dorms at my undergrad got housekeeping services in bathrooms and common areas daily. The people in the campus townhouses/theme houses did not, but the coat closet in each was kept stocked with cleaning supplies (TP, vacuum cleaner and bags, 409, wipe cloths, Windex, trash bags etc.) and if we ran out we were supposed to call Maintenance and they would deliver more. I think I stole a roll of paper towels once from the chemistry building, but never bought TP. The stuff provided wasn’t great, but it was two-ply and worked fine.

    I think A&M should provide toilet paper. These students are paying, and toilet paper is a basic expected staple in all American bathrooms. Raise fees $10/year if you have to, but this is silly.

  51. soj4life says:

    i wonder how many employees in the student affairs department can be eliminated for the same amount? Guessing just one, solution found to cut 82k.

  52. Kimbeegrin says:

    When I attended Emerson, some of the dorms had no toilet paper or any paper supplies/cleaning supplies. You had to supply them all with your own money. What wasn’t fair was that one of the dorms did get toilet paper and they were cleaned because the bathrooms were communal in that dorm whereas we had private suites in the other dorms where six people living in a suite shared a bathroom/shower. We had the extra expense of shelling out money for cleaning crap, TP, etc. I mean a Swiffer is like 30 bucks these days! They did however supply garbage bags which when it came time to go home I took as many as would fit in my suitcase considering how much money I forked out and b.s. I dealt with while attending there.

  53. gnimsh says:

    This is what room and board pays for.

  54. Groanan says:

    Condoms and toilet paper should be given out for free to students, otherwise they might not em.

  55. Sardis says:

    The horror!!!

  56. Nick says:

    Having every student buy their own TP and cart it home is more wasteful. At least sell it at the dorm (next to the corn).

  57. chimpski says:

    Is it part of the Dorm Fee? No. Pay for it. Yes. Provide it.

  58. dg says:

    Morons. Students will just get the TP from other locales on campus and in town. I seem to recall some guys living off campus who had a backpack and a screwdriver whereever they went. They’d visit the bathroom, and take all the rolls, then hit the next one and so on until their pack was full…

    Restaurants, gas stations, office buildings, etc… I predict that when they start losing TP that a local ruckus will ensue and the campus will reconsider their plan…

    OR, if there’s no TP available, there’s probably a shower curtain or hallway curtain that can be used in an emergency… Once they get a few of those used, things will change…

  59. frozenactivist says:

    This is what my school does for suites with private bathrooms. They clean it twice a year and supply it with toilet paper at the beginning of the year; we’re responsible for the rest. It makes sense to me.

  60. Sumtron5000 says:

    In college, I always had to buy my own toilet paper. I was also lucky enough to live in suites (couple rooms in a group with one normal bathroom.) Everyone who lived in regular dorms (long hallway of many rooms with one big bathroom with many stalls and showers) had free tp.

    “But it’s likely that the larger dorm bathrooms — where four or more gather – will keep the necessary item in stock.”

    It sounds like their new rules will be the same as my college was. I never thought it was a bad deal. The suites look more like apartments, and we didn’t have anyone come in and clean our bathrooms for us.