Verizon Worker Says There's No Incentive To Hold Back Droid Xs For New Customers

A Verizon sales rep takes issue with our tipster who said he pre-ordered a Droid X and was denied the superphone because a Verizon sales rep said he was holding back stock for new customers.

The rep says the tipster, whose story you can find here, is either incorrect or an AT&T version of Slugworth.

He writes:

I work for VZW (corporate) in retail as a sales rep. I can say with 100% certainty that no corporate stores in the country took preorders on this phone – not one. In fact, I’ve never seen a store take preorders in the 3 and a half years I’ve worked for the company. When we DO offer preorders, they are though telesales and our website ONLY. Retail stores are allocated a certain amount of stock for each phone launch and since the number can vary from store to store, and those numbers are not known until a week (or shorter) before launch, preorders are impractical for retail. Additionally, as we are not a used car lot, we don’t require customers to put down any money on phones until the phone is on the counter and the transaction is taking place. Ask any corporate representative and they will tell you the same story, coast to coast. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Additionally, due to recent changes in commission structures, new lines and renewals are paid out EXACTLY the same, to the cent, to commissioned reps. Quota for renewals is HIGHER than for adds, so unless the managers are huffing paint, there is absolutely NO incentive to “set aside” stock for new lines only.

So, what I figure is this. Either:

A) Your “tipster” is full of sh*t (also, he may or may not work for AT&T, lol), or

B) He is dealing with anything BUT a corporate store.

I love that he makes sure to point out that he was in a corporate store. 99% of our customers have no idea what an Agent is, and we are constantly having to correct their mistakes. They’re nothing but a headache, and they don’t make it very well known that they’re not corporate.

Verizon customers, do your experiences jibe with this Verizon rep’s explanation?

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