Verizon Store Won't Sell Me Droid X Because I'm Already A Customer

Mike figured being a loyal Verizon customer might give him a leg up over newcomers when it came down to lining up for the anticipated Droid X, which was released yesterday. He thought wrong, because after he pre-ordered the phone he went to pick it up and was told the four units that were in stock were being held for new customers.

Feeling taken for granted, he writes:

I was told about your website by a friend after apprising him of my horrible experience with Verizon Wireless today. I have been with this company for 8 years and had a Droid X pre-ordered, but when I went to pick my phone up from my local corporate store today, I was told that the 4 phones they had were only for new activations. I was refused a pre-ordered phone that I had made a deposit for because I was a loyal customer.

If you went after a Droid X, tell us about your luck.

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