Want A Coupon For Neutrogena Men? You'd Better Be A Woman

Reader Mark notice that he was only offered a coupon for “Neutrogena Men” if he said he was a lady on their website.

Hey men, want to save some money? Tell them you are female!

If you go to Neutrogena.com, it firsts asks you to identify yourself as a Teen, Women, or Men. After that, they show you products and information targeted to you. But what’s most interesting, is if you are looking for special offers or coupons, you will get different coupons depending on your original choice. Want a coupon for “Neutrogena Men” products? You won’t find one if you selected “Men”, but it will show up if you selected “Women”.

We assume this coupon is needed urgently because women have stopped buying Neutrogena Men products because they don’t smell like this:

7-19-2010 2-08-41 PM.jpg

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