Breastfeeding Moms Protest Johnny Rockets

Public breastfeeding is completely legal in Kentucky, but don’t try telling that to the manager of the Johnny Rockets in Newport, where a nursing mother was given the boot for refusing to stop feeding her child when directed to do so by the manager.

According to the mom, she went out onto the Johny Rockets patio to feed her 6-month-old daughter. Minutes later, the manager told her she would have to do her breastfeeding out on a public bench.

But, per Kentucky law, a nursing mom can “breastfeed her baby or express breast milk in any public or private location.” The woman pointed this fact out to the manager, who told her she could do her feeding in the bathroom if she wanted.

The incident brought protesters to the Johnny Rockets with signs reading things like “Johnny Rockets is not a family restaurant” and “No, I will not feed my baby in your bathroom.”

Says the ticked-off mom:

I just want people to know there is a law, and whether or not they personally feel comfortable with breast-feeding in public, or whether they bottle-feed or breast-feed or however they choose to raise their families, there is a law that protects mothers’ rights to nurse in public.

Kentucky is one of 44 states with laws permitting breastfeeding in any public or private location. Additionally, the Bluegrass State is also one of 28 states that has a law declaring that breastfeeding can not be considered an act of public indecency.

For all the various state laws on breastfeeding, check out this helpful page.

Kentucky breast feeding mom asked to leave Johnny Rocket’s restaurant []

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