Bid On 'Lost' Props So You Can Make A Series Finale Worth Watching

I, like many people who spent too many hours attempting to solve the 6-season puzzle that was Lost, was more than a tad bit disappointed in the show’s final episode. But now we all have the chance to recreate our own versions of how the finale should have gone — and do it with actual props from the show.

A whole pile of props from the show will be going up for auction in August, meaning you’ll get to chug Dharma Beer, play with Kate’s toy airplane or smash Charlie’s guitar (though not over Dominic Monaghan’s Hobbit head, sadly).

One thing I do not recommend bidding on: the Tool Case Rigged with C-4 explosives. Just a hunch you might have trouble getting this on a plane or even having it shipped.

The auction will take place on Aug. 21-22 in Santa Monica, CA, but bids will be taken over the phone and online. For now, you can gaze through this preview selection of some available items and start working on your fan-fic script.

Own a piece of Lost: pretty much everything a cast member touched or looked at being auctioned in August []

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