BJ's Sold Me 32 Oz. Drink In 30 Oz. Cup

Looks like the shrink ray has hit the fountain sodas at Consumerist reader Quake’s local BJ’s Wholesale Club, reducing the normal 32 oz. cup to 30 ounces. Only problem is — no one told the customers or whoever is responsible for the sign that still says “32 ounces.”

Here it is in the reader’s own words:

I frequently shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club and often stop at the food court and purchase one of their large sodas on my way out of the store. The sign above the counter lists the soda as 32 ounces and I know from the past, the bottom of the cup was clearly marked.

Recently I noticed that cup seemed different, either taller & skinnier or just skinnier. When I was finished with it I turned it over and did not seem the large print “32 oz” that I had seen in the past. There was a model number, name and a web site for the plastic cup company. From their web site, it didn’t take long to decipher the model number on the bottom and determine that the cup was actually only 30 ounces.

Now the funny thing is, they recently took down the “No Free Refills” sign from the self serve soda fountain. Is that their way of compensating me for the missing 2 oz.? Of course that does me no good if I’m taking the drink with me on my way out. I may have to save my cup and get my refill next time I’m in there. I wonder what they would say?

What he should do is contact his state’s dept. of weights and measures, because it’s not exactly kosher to be selling something as one size and delivering a smaller size.

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