The Best Person At Comcast Just Quit

Frank Eliason, the best person who works at Comcast, has decided to leave Kabletown, USA in order to return to banking, where he’ll again be working in a social media capacity. We wish him the best, as he has always done his best to help our readers, despite the massive amount of abuse we have lovingly heaped upon him.

Good luck, Frank! And hey, congratulations!

Goodbye [Comcast Voices]


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  1. wrongfrequently says:

    What bank??? I’m guessing Chase since they need his skills badly.

    • comcastcares says:

      Sorry, it will be Citi.

      • whogots is "not computer knowledgeable" says:

        Neato! I rarely have problems with Citi.

        Wait, does this mean they plan to start screwing things up?

      • Coelacanth says:

        Oh, Citi was going to be my second guess. They really need to work on retaining their consumer credit card customers. I recently had an issue with them, whereby they were trying to raise my APR to stratospheric levels despite my excellent credit history. (Unfortuantely, I had a sizeable balance which I couldn’t pay back immediately.)

        Fortunately, I took a competitor’s offer, and locked in a low fixed rate for the life of the balance – in fact, almost 6% lower than Citi’s “normal” rate. I will never pay Citibank another penny, or willfully give them my business, until they start treating their customers as… people.

      • asten77 says:

        Ah, good news, as Citi needs your help as much as Comcast did. I can’t even begin to express how infuriating an experience I had calling and asking some simple questions… suffice it to say, what should have been a simple interaction led to me canceling my card and never wanting to do business with Citi ever again.

    • Coelacanth says:

      D’oh! Should have read the comments before I posted pretty much the same thing.

  2. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Banking, eh?

    Could have been worse. He’s probably the one person on the planet qualified to take abuse for BP now.

    Good luck, Frank

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      yesh, Congrats Frank!
      Moving on to greener pastures!

    • sonneillon says:

      Boy did he take a lot of abuse too. I’m stealing his exit post on his page too if I ever quit. That thing is far more eloquently written than my last I quit speech.

      • comcastcares says:

        It was very similar to the letter. I will truly miss Comcast, my team, and the Customers I have gotten to know over the years

  3. MongoAngryMongoSmash says:

    I guess you can only lie to yourself for so long. Maybe he’ll be employed with next years WCIA winner. That would be awesome.

  4. ComcastBonnie says:

    No worries, there are still plenty of us around to help :) We’ve been functioning as a team for quite some time, and Frank’s departure will not change the level of service we provide. We wish him the best in his future endeavors and fully intend to have a good roast before he leaves :)

    • Raekwon says:

      Really Bonnie? Every time in the past when I’ve emailed the Comcast cares address I get an initial response and then silence when I provide more information. I have never felt the whole Comcast cares resolution team really did care and to date I’ve always had to fall back on phone support to get my issues resolved.

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        you never got a second reply? were the first replies asking for more info? it seems very odd that multiple emails to our address would go unanswered, as there’s a crack team of ninjas manning the box all day. you’re emailing right?

        • Raekwon says:

          Correct that’s the address I was referred to. They act me for more specific info on a couple of issues I had inquired about and I provided that info a couple of times and never had any response. I gave up and eventually resolved the problems through many days calling phone support.

          • jason in boston says:

            I would tend to agree with this. About 1 of 10 times asking for help, (I’m @jasonrichardson…oh nos! my real name!) I will not get a followup after the first contact. Yes, it’s only happened 2 times, but it has happened.

      • wrjohnston91283 says:

        I had no problems emailing them on a weekend – I got a response that someone sent from a Blackberry stating that they would escalate it to the proper people on Monday, and sure enough it was.

      • erinpac says:

        True; just setting up the cable correctly has taken about 11 months now, including 2 or so of trying to go through the comcastcares routes. I have about 80-90% of the service in my plan now; and they did refund about half the cost for the last year and restart my year of new customer pricing… I suppose monetarily that’s okay… I’d rather have it actually work.

    • dreamfish says:

      That’s good to know.

      Maybe Consumerist should do a feature on Comcast where readers put forward questions beforehand that ComcastBonnie will answer. It’s couldn’t do any harm

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        I’m always online and happy to answer questions. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an awful person to talk to about billing-related issues. I handle the engineering/tech stuff more than anything, but I’ll still do my best to answer any questions put forth :)

        • dogbowl says:

          Ahh yes .. but if Comcast truly cared wouldn’t billing issues be a priority of Comcast Cares team?

          I’m a new customer and have been battling Comcast since day 1. After 30+ days to get the cable installed, I’m now trying to get my bill compiled correctly. Reps on the phone are nice and pleasant, but are utterly incapable of correcting any issue. Emails to Comcast_Cares, Frank, etc all go unanswered.

          I’ll tell you, the next time the worst company award comes around, BPs sure not going to get my vote.

    • DrRamblings says:

      I never thought I’d long for Comcast….but TimeWarner Cable has been a NIGHTMARE. I’ve gone through 3 DVRs and 5 service calls in 11 months with TWC, and with Comcast it was 2 DVRs and 2 service calls in close to 5 years. Expensive, but reliable.

    • Kaiga says:

      LOL Comcast is trying to put reps on Consumerist? In vain to try and improve their insanely terrible image?
      God, the countless and horrible horror stories I’ve had to help my clients with in the past through Comcast.

      • Southern says:

        If they’re honestly trying, I wouldn’t call it a “vain” attempt.

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        dude, been here for awhile. consumerist is the reason i have this job :) i even told ben that when i first got hired. i *love* this site, and i love how it calls out fallacies in companies. it makes us take notice and fix things!

      • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

        So a company that has earned a reputation for less than stellar service has people monitoring websites where people go to complain or comment about their service, and try to rectify the problems, and that’s a BAD thing?

        Granted, they should provide better service the first time around, but even if 99% of the people they deal with are 100% satisfied, that still leaves thousands of people who need help.

        Good on Comcast for at least trying to make things better.

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        been here for awhile :) consumerist is the reason i have this job! i follow the site pretty closely because it’s pretty freaking awesome for us folks who live a normal life and could use a little consumer guidance/help.

    • ShruggingGalt says:

      How come I thought Comcast doesn’t exist anymore? Shouldn’t it be Xfinity or something?

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        xfinity is the name for our upgraded service. comcast the company still exists, like proctor and gamble exists with a zillion brand names. xfinity is the cable/net/phone part, but there’s comcast spectacor, comcast entertainment group, comcast media center, etc.

        make a little more sense?

    • RandomHookup says:

      “A roast”? Now you got me hungry. I could go for a nice roast and some potatoes…

      • ComcastBonnie says:

        You bring the pale ale, I’ll bring the vodka! We’ll have a party of epic proportions :)

    • ThaKoolAidKid says:

      Bonnie maybe you can help me understand something. I’ve had Comcast for a few years pretty much pay for every channel outside of some movie channels. Comcast claims to be expanding HD channels. Yet for the past two years I’ve had the same 22 HD channels. In fact instead of adding HD channels I’ve actually lost some (NESNHD and Palladia to be exact). Any idea why we are moving backwards instead of taking steps forward?


      • ComcastBonnie says:

        gooood question! what’s been happening is: we do the digital transition in your area (no, not the govt over the air one) which frees up SO MUCH BANDWIDTH that we can offer more HD. My area went fully digital on 6/22 and last week we got a bazillion new HD channels. SO, I think I can safely say after your area is transitioned you should see a bunch of new HD channels shortly thereafter.

        dont quote me on that though, it’s different in every area… but it seems to be most commonly happening like this :)

        • ThaKoolAidKid says:

          Thank you for the quick answer. Is there anyway to find out when/if this will be happening in my area?

          • erinpac says:

            My channels went down AFTER digital conversion.

            Need to go get more wires to see if I can makes the DTAs work in other room, though main TV only lost a few worthwhile channels after the flip w/ the cable card.

    • strawberryjam says:

      Aww, ComcastBonnie! You’ve helped me many times! (@stephaniehaller)

      This lady is insanely quick with the responses. Frank was the first person I dealt with on Twitter, and now it’s mainly her.

      Question, Bonnie – who is the go-to person for billing stuff then, if you’re more of the tech gal?

  5. Tim says:

    I thought the Comcast Cares team had a few other people. Right?

    • ComcastBonnie says:

      Yes indeed! There’s a team of us that have been around for awhile under Frank’s direction. We’ll still be around helping folks :)

  6. Dragon Tiger says:

    Congratulations to Frank. I wonder if he finally found out Comcast *doesn’t* care.

    • ComcastBonnie says:

      I think he found quite the opposite, which is why Comcast is working so hard to improve their service. We’re going to continue that mission, but it isn’t easy! New ideas, new technologies, and new ways to help folks is our mission (or mine, at least).

      • Dragon Tiger says:

        I don’t evny you your position, Bonnie, but we’re glad to have you here. That being said, I highly doubt I’ll ever willingly use Comcast’s services again, but that’s another story.

        I will point out one thing that seems to be a recurring issue here in Baltimore is the use of third party installers and service technicians. I have heard more horror stories than I care to admit regarding some of the people sent out on behalf of Comcast–if they even come out at all. I think it’s time to move the whole operation in-house, where quality can be more closely monitored from the time a service call is scheduled to follow-up. Yes, it may be more expensive, but if you can afford to buy NBC, you can afford to do things right the first time. After all, you don’t become Consumerist’s Worst Company in America by improving.

  7. FredSmythe says:

    “Frank’s departure will not change the level of service we provide.”

    That’s precisely why I finally dumped Comcast a week ago. Couldn’t be happier.

  8. jaya9581 says:

    Try as I might, I can’t think of Frank as the best person at Comcast. Bias might be at fault; my husband is a Comcast salesperson.

    Good luck, Frank. Sorry for the abuse everyone gave you.

    FWIW, I’ve never had an issue with Comcast except that they’re pricey – but they’re far more reliable than our old satellite, which would go out every time it rained, no matter how hard.

    /not just a fangirl because she gets free service!!

  9. jason in boston says:


    Frank (okay, Bonnie too) have been the only people that can get stuff done. I hope they are promoting from within.

    • ComcastBonnie says:

      i feel special ;)

      • jason in boston says:

        You should! I keep on bitching about clearQAM and you keep on telling me a non-“BS” reason. I hope.

        Also, whenever one of my clients is having an outage you are able to at least give a reason. That is tough these days.

        • psm321 says:

          Oh? I was going to write them a letter about the absurdity of not having clearQAM after dropping analog (and how it has significantly reduced my loyalty to Comcast)… I’d love to know what reasons they’ve given you without having to write a letter myself.

  10. NarcolepticGirl says:

    Imagine being a customer service rep for Comcast? That would be one friggin’ nightmare.

    Anyway. Wishing Frank well!

    • ComcastBonnie says:

      i wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but it can be challenging. understandably, people are not very happy when they have to call us… however, every rep has the opportunity to make things right. that’s what i did, and that’s what i still do.

      i do have some crazy on the phone stories though. like a guy trying to troubleshoot his microwave. we get some good stuff ;)

  11. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    So now Comcast lost the only thread of dignity left in them.

  12. jp says:

    Good luck Frank. You helped me out here a few times with issues.

  13. Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

    Congrats Frank, now you have to change your Consumerist user name!

  14. sullim4 says:

    If Comcast’s customer service reps were trained the right way in the first place, and empowered to do the right thing by the customer the very first time said customer has an issue, these “special” online reps wouldn’t be necessary.

    Combine this with Comcast’s near-monopoly stranglehold on regional TV and internet markets and high prices, and you get a lot of resentment towards the company.

    • MuffinSangria says:

      Could not agree more. The Comcast customer service reps are the worst out there. It’s not that they are not nice, most of the ones I’ve talked to are very nice. It’s the fact that they have no real experience about what they are doing, don’t listen (or read) to what you are saying and are force to go through some asinine script that very rarely even pertain to the problem, at least when I’ve called. Comcast needs to trash the f***ing script.

      I’ve been having horrible internet issues lately. Emailed their customer service (couldn’t call or chat at the time), they sent a link to the chat and a phone number to call. Couple days later, tried to do the chat, but the internet would not stay up long enough. Couldn’t call because of problems with my cell phone, only phone available needed internet. When the internet was up for a few minutes, I responded to the customer service rep’s email and told him this and asked to schedule a tech come out. His response was to use the chat or call, even though I told him I could not do either. THAT sort of stupidity is what makes Comcast the worst company.

    • JoeTheDragon says:

      Start by droping the call time limits.

      also train the call centers and install techs on cable card.

  15. Tom Servo says:

    Instead of elevating someone like Frank as the “go-to guy when the front-line customer service reps fail and the customer ends up complaining online”, how about if Comcast works to improve the customer service experience starting with some empowered front-line reps?

    • ComcastBonnie says:

      that’s exactly what our team is trying to do :)

      • whogots is "not computer knowledgeable" says:

        Can you give a little more detail about that? Are you using the comcastcares customers to create training scenarios, identify areas of weakness/inflexibility, and find out which CSRs and managers just need to be trepanned?

        I’m not asking to be mean — it’s just that I’m a long time Comcast customer and I don’t feel like things have improved on the front line since comcastcares started. Maybe I’m wrong — it’s been over a year since anything spectacularly bad has happened to my account or service, which is probably a record all by itself — but I still have to deal with CS/TS occasionally, and I still dread it.

      • johnva says:

        I can tell you right now the number one best thing you could do: fire all of the CSRs who don’t have a brain, and hire competent people to replace them. It shouldn’t be hard to find them in this economy. Pay more if you have to in order to get them.

        I will admit that I’ve talked to some genuinely competent and helpful people at Comcast, so not everyone there is incapable of doing their job. But the problem is that the quality of your CSRs is very inconsistent. About half of them are simply completely worthless…and I don’t just mean unknowledgeable. I’ve talked to people from Comcast who seemingly didn’t have the ability to form a coherent sentence, much less solve a complex billing or technical issue. People that should be almost unemployable anywhere. People that made me just hang up so I could start over with someone different.

        I do think I’ve noticed that you’re doing better lately, but the staffing inconsistency issues are still a big problem.

      • calchip says:

        Then you’re failing miserably.

        Up until about 6 months ago, when there was an outage and a problem, the people in the various Convergys call centers in Canada handling tech support could issue credits and resolve problems. (They were also extraordinarily well trained, and had a large number of tools to troubleshoot problems.)

        Now, whenever I call, I get a call center in Mexico City with extraordinarily nice people who seem to have even less understanding of diagnostics than I do, have no tools to troubleshoot other than to look at a modem (Convergys staff could look at the node to see if there was an area problem), and cannot issue credits for anything under any circumstances.

        I can’t possibly see how this is a step forward. However, I would be willing to wager that the prevailing wage in Mexico City is substantially lower than in Newfoundland, but someone probably doesn’t trust the Mexican employees to give credits…which is likely why the scenario has unfolded as it has.

  16. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Good luck, Frank!

  17. JoeTheDragon says:

    HE failed to fix the CSN + chcaigo land mess why do we need to pay $8 per tv to get that channel it was on analog as late as 2009 / start of 2010. Why was scifi droped from the DTA’s as well? I know at least 2 people who are pissed off at that.

    Maybe he wanted to bail before some big changes that are due like.

    NBC / comcast mess.

    the big settop box rate hike.

    was he fired for saveing peopel to much money.

  18. HeyApples says:

    Does this mean Comcast doesn’t care anymore?

  19. kickabout says:

    Sigh…just when I was wondering why Comcast has decided to charge me a $30 Truck Trip Fee to identify a problem with our internet service when the problem was intermittent service failures on their end. I was told “You could pay our monthly service protection fee and avoid that charge”, but isn’t that why I pay a monthly bill in the first place?

    ah well. Best of luck, Frank!

  20. JoeTheDragon says:

    Comcast why does comcast sportsnet chicago + NOT work on the DTA but you where able to have comcast sportsnet chicago + 2 on it. Why can’t comcast sportsnet chicago + be on channel that works on the DTA.

  21. MrEvil says:

    Frank, you will be missed even though I do not live in an area served by Comcast. You sir are a credit to your company and I hope your new employer sees that.

  22. eds70 says:

    I have been a TV and internet customer of Comcast for over 10 years, yet when I logged into their website today to get an updated listing of the channels in my package, their site said they do not offer service in my zip code???

    Guess that settles that, Direct TV here I come….

  23. nrich239 says:

    Now we just need Comcast specator to play nice and allow access to CSN Philly to Directv/Dish network.

  24. Coelacanth says:

    With any luck, he might end up at Chase.

  25. Puddy Tat says:

    Well Comcast should have taken action instead of letting a good employee hit the road because he will be missed by many of the consumerist followers.

    • comcastcares says:

      I think it was the right time. My team has it and they will continue to be advocates for our Customers no matter how they contact us

  26. psm321 says:

    oh no! there go my hopes of getting a decent deal on my services (phone reps haven’t been helpful).

  27. Whuffo says:

    I had Comcast for several years and other than the constantly escalating bill there weren’t any problems; the service was reliable and the picture was always clear. It was the bill that drove me away; when that $30 package started knocking on $100 for exactly the same thing it was time to go.

    DirecTV was a nice interlude – they jack the price too, but not as hard as Comcast does.

    Now I’m a very unhappy Charter customer. Unreliable service, channels so bad that they’re unwatchable, horrible customer service – and they love to bill their customers for services they did not order – and Charter did not provide. And for all of this suck, they jack the bill hard too – up over 40% in just one year. In just a couple of weeks I’ll be an ex Charter customer – enough is enough.

    Here’s a tip for the friendly Comcast rep who reads along here: we’re all aware of inflation and the cost of living rising. We deal with this stuff every day – and when Comcast comes along and sticks us with a big price increase that’s far, far in excess of inflation it looks like you’re taking advantage of your customers. That’s a bad feeling, and this is where your contact with your customers begins from. It usually goes downhill from there due to dishonest customer service people, service men who never show up or show up late – and the general attitude of Comcast customer service that they’re perfect and anything that goes wrong is the customer’s fault. I hope this illustrates where our anger comes from – and what Comcast needs to do if they want to overcome their bad reputation.

  28. Joe_Gamble says:

    Frank helped my girlfriend and I last summer during the Dell Netbook promo offer that was all over TV. I called the customer service number to no avail numerous times. I was venting on Twitter one morning and received a simple reply about 2 hours later-“How can we help?” My interaction with Frank and his team restored some faith that I had lost in Comcast, and they straightened out what was a paperwork issue quickly and painlessly. I liked the fact that there was actually a human voice behind the cable behemoth that is Comcast. I was contacted by someone from The Fame Foundry to participate in a podcast that explained the way Frank was changing the customer service culture at Comcast, one tweet at a time ( ). I could not sing the praises of @comcastcares and the team he groomed enough, and was able to solve small issues that came up in the future. Citi picked up some talent here, and I wish him the best.

  29. jason in boston says:

    Hey Frank: Ever think about writing a book about your tenure or even teaching a class (hopefully open courseware!)? In school, I usually cite something about what your team does every month or so. I still can’t stand Comcast, but you did build a damn good team that can get stuff done.

  30. comcastcares says:

    I will at some point

  31. coren says:

    Man, all the rudeness to he comcast people posting here is just out of line

  32. fairuse says:

    Enjoyed the time in your space and hope the new parallel dimension treats you well.

    A word about comcast as a brand:
    1) No way a service can make all customers happy all the time. The point is to keep trying; Comcast does that.

    2) Xfinity is to Comcast in the same way FiOs is to Verizon. Is not rebranding Comcast but it puts the products under one umbrella. X (infinity) started in 2008.

    3) The “cable company” is becoming the “Utility” to entertainment/communication like electricity/land line phone did — but in a different way.

    4) No way satellite can offer the services “wired & wireless” cable can. Consumers of just TV are free to ‘dish it’

    May 2-cents worth.