Your Complete Big-Ass Guide To Annoying Airline Fees

As reported earlier today, the Government Accountability Office thinks airlines could do a lot more to be transparent about the fees they charge. And buried about 45 pages deep in the GAO’s report are two very helpful tables detailing fees for checked bags and other items that U.S.-based airlines charge extra for.

To save you the hassle of downloading and sifting through the PDF, we’ve excerpted those tables for you here.

First, here’s the page with fees for checked baggage on domestic flights:
Additional notes on this chart:
-Alaska Airlines does not charge for the first 3 checked bags for trips wholly within the state of Alaska.
-Spirit revised its checked baggage fee for travel on or after August 1, 2010 to $25 for each of the first two bags, and $85 for each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th bags.
-United also offers a $249 annual fee to check one or two bags per flight without charge.

And now here’s the chart of other fees charged by the same airlines:

If you’re having trouble reading these or really feel like reading through the whole PDF, click here to download it yourself.

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