Target Has The Right Sticker But The Wrong Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s is offering some Target-exclusive ice cream flavors — Berry Voluntary and Brownie Chew Gooder — that charitable volunteers can purchase for free with special coupons.

Rebekah drove across town to track down the new ice cream, and was emboldened when she saw window signage indicating the flavors were in the display case. But she dug through it all and tasted nothing but disappointment.

She wrote to Target:

I was very excited to read online that Target is the exclusive retailer of the two new Ben & Jerry’s philanthropic ice creams flavors.

I drove out in 90F+ heat to Target today to buy the new flavors and a cooler. I was very disappointed to find the window cling over a combo Ben & Jerry’s/Haagen Daaz display, and neither of the new flavors.

If you’ve tried the new flavors, are the worth driving a long way to get and/or volunteering for?

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