Wendy's New Salads Have "Real" Ingredients, Same Old Calories

Starting today, Wendy’s has decided to healthy-up its image with a new line of salads that uses, among other things, what the fast-food chain calls “real” ingredients. But if you think real ingredients means fewer calories, you’re mistaken

The four new salads on the Wendy’s menu are the Apple Pecan Chicken salad (580 calories, 27g fat, 1590mg sodium, 50g carbs), BLT Cobb salad (670 calories, 47g fat, 1920mg sodium, 15g carbs), Baja salad (740 calories, 47g fat, 1990mg sodium, 49g carbs), Spicy Chicken Caesar (740 calories, 49g fat, 1860mg sodium, 37g carbs).

By comparison, Wendy’s own 1/2 lb. Double with Cheese clocks in at 750 calories, 42g fat, 1370mg sodium and 44g carbs.

Damn… Now I really want a burger.

Wendy’s introduces salads with ‘real’ ingredients [USA Today]

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