Is "Consideration" The Magic Word For Getting A Refund?

Is using the word “consideration” in customer service interactions a magic incantation that opens up doors to a world of refunds, rebates, and discounts?

I stayed at a hotel a few weeks ago and we had to be moved to a different room in the middle of the night because the water wasn’t working. Then in the new room we could smell cigarette smoke coming from somewhere, even though we were on a non-smoking floor.

I told my fiancée that I was going to ask for some kind of discount when we checked out. Knowing my job, she cautioned me to check my fire. Please don’t turn it into a fracas. I said fracas? No way, I’m gonna be cool as cucumber. Cinching her bathrobe, she eyed me warily.

At checkout, I told the guy the facts of what happened in a reasonable and conversational tone and then said, “In light of this, I was hoping for some consideration.”

The guy gave us $50 off. Score. I like this one. It feels classy.

Of course the key is that there was a legitimate grievance. Asking for “consideration” because the sunset is orange instead of red won’t get you anywhere.

Consideration! Consider pulling it out next time you’re in a bind.

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