Why Your Starbucks Barista Hates You

I always assume everyone hates me, but here is some confirmation from an angry Starbucks barista whose name is not Egon, but who prefers to be referred to as such.

Egon let loose to a Phoenix New Times reporter about the many reasons he and his barista kin hate some of the people they serve coffee to.

Our favorite:
1.) Needless use of the lingo:I’m paid barely enough to refer to a “medium” as a “grande.” You have no fucking excuses to call that medium coffee a “grande bold.”

I call drinks “small, medium or large,” and always feel stupid when I’m corrected and told I want “grande.”

This makes me feel better, Egon. Thank you.

Maybe this will stop someone from writing “big dick” on your cup next time?

Why Your Starbucks Barista Hates You [Phoenix New Times]

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