How Do I Get Phone Scammers To Stop Hassling Granny?

Cassandra is looking out for her fiance’s grandmother, who is savvy enough to know the people who call her and say she’s won a bunch money are liars.

She writes:

My fiance’s grandmother has been receiving phone calls of the “you’ve won x amount of money, all you need to do is send us $250” variety. She’s a smart woman, she knows it’s a scam, however they will not leave her alone! They told her they’d even drop by her house and pick up the money if she’d like. This has left her really worried. My fiance’s father spent a few hours over there the other day.

They called and once the phone was passed to him they hung up. They called a few hours later and hung up again when he answered. They then called AGAIN after he left. She’s called the police, and after being told to call the next day, and then given the run around, she was told to call the attorney general. Is there anything else she can do, or anyone else she can call about this? It’s left her really shaken.

One step is to register granny’s number on the National Do Not Call Registry. If that fails, I’ve found speaking to telemarketers and phone scammers inappropriately, as well as steering the conversation away from their topic, can annoy them to the point of giving up on you.

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