Mint Makes Saving More Fun With New "Goals" Dashboard

Mint was the cool kid on the financial website block until it cut its hair and went corporate, but the Intuit-owned service can still roll out some nifty features now and then. The latest is a “goals” dashboard, which takes advantage of our natural tendency to try harder if there’s some way to see immediate feedback. Under your account there’s now a goals tab, where you can activate any of the default choices (“get out of debt,” “take a trip,” “buy a home”) or create your own (“laser hair removal,” “pvc bodysuit”). Then you can link your accounts to that goal, and have a quick visual metric you can use to stay focused.

Mint’s press release says there’s a guide with examples at the company’s blog, but it wasn’t turning up anything earlier today; hopefully the link will be working by the time you click on it.

“Money Is for Living: Tie Daily Spending to Achieving Goals With” [MarketWatch via Lifehacker]

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