A Fatty Dish To Clog Your Arteries Whatever State You Live In

Health.com tracked down an obscenely fatty restaurant meal in each of the 50 states. Some of the choices are eclectic and inspired, such as the pictured Quadruple Bypass Burger at the aptly named Heart Attack Grill near Phoenix.

Others are more phoned in, such as In-N-Out’s Double Double, which is the selection from California. Has Health never heard of In-N-Out’s 4×4?

Peruse the list and see what sort of heart attack-inducing dining experience is near you.

The 50 Fattiest Foods in the States [Health]


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  1. dolemite says:

    Wait, so other states get “Deep dish pizza”, “7 lb burritos”, and we, in VA get “ham”. HAM? Just “ham”?? First of all, they state themselves it only has 7 or 9 grams of fat. Depending on the cut, it can actually be good for you. Other states have dishes that have 300-400 grams of fat! I think they fell down on the VA recommendation. I was looking forward to finding some kind of crazy dish that I could go find and try. I can get ham at Kroger.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      yeah. A lot of these seem to be cop-outs. I mean … I never heard of NC’s offering, and I lived in NC for ages. And Virginia Ham is defintely a disappointment.

      It seems more like they just took a vaguely “regional dish” or something from a fast-food chain that has a particular place of origin. I mean, KFC for Kentucky? Really?

      • Xay says:

        NC dish baffled me. There’s no fatty BBq or seafood?

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          you’d think they’d have included the entire category of “calabash style” seafood.
          or the traditional deep fried cornmeal hushpuppies served at the classier barbecue joints [the kind where they use real plates and have real doors as opposed to paper plates and a tent in a church parking lot]
          the important thing to note about the hushpuppies is that you are supposed to dip them in room temperature butter just before eating.
          then again, i’d like to direct you to the “vegetable list” of one of these fine establishments [although, i bet you’ve seen one, Xay but other people might not have]


          yes, that’s macaroni and cheese on the vegetable list. yes, that’s a common thing to see.

          yes, we have an obesity problem here

      • Tallanvor says:

        Yeah, I’ve never heard of livermush either, even having lived there for several years.

        • womynist says:

          Really? I was watching Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” a while back and he was in NC at the Annual Livermush Festival. It looked totally disgusting, but the people seemed to love it!

      • jefeloco says:


        Idaho’s offering was a fricking SALAD DRESSING made by a company whose HQ is in Idaho. Come on!

        If they were going to get that lazy they could have asked me for my brother in law’s “honky tacos.” A disgusting concoction of pan fried (until oily and gross, not crisp) soft corn tostadas with plain ground beef, medium cheddar, lettuce and either ketchup or thousand island dressing.

        By the way, I call them honky tacos, my b-i-l and his family call them “American tacos,” which I find kind of insulting since Central and South America are the first ones…

      • womynist says:

        I was thinking the same thing. All we got for NH was clam chowdah. And they actually had the audacity to spell it c-h-o-w-d-e-r.

    • zmnatz says:

      It’s better than the Florida one. Empanada’s. Yup, just empanadas.

      • Smashville says:

        Isn’t that what Florida is famous for? Aren’t they worried that the oil spill is going to force all of the empanadas out of the Gulf?

        • grebby says:

          Nevada: “Buffets.” Apparently they don’t have buffets in other states. Also, a buffet is not a food. That’s like saying the worst food is “restaurants.”

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        apparently they didn’t get the right sampling of cuban sandwich. with enough pork, ham and cheese piled on there, it would definitely blow past the empanada.
        damn, now i want a cuban and there’s not one to be had for 670 miles

      • Andy S. says:


    • morningbus says:

      Massachusetts’ entry is cookies. And not just any cookies, mind you, Carl’s Jr. cookies. You know, Carl’s Jr., the fast food chain whose nearest location to Massachusetts is Oklahoma.

    • Vandon says:

      It appears they didn’t do their research very well. VA only gets “ham”??
      And they completely missed this in Texas – Chicken Fried Bacon @ http://theeatenpath.com/2009/03/23/chicken-fried-bacon-sodolaks-country-inn-snook-tx/

  2. epb says:

    I like how the example for Massachusetts is a chocolate chip cookie from a chain, Carl’s Jr., that doesn’t exist anywhere east of the Mississippi.

    • failurate says:

      Seems the list maker got a little lazy at times.

    • devwar says:

      The food item listed for New Hampshire is New England Clam Chowder, an item found just about everywhere. I was hoping we had something good around to eat…

      • epb says:

        I know. I thought that was pretty pathetic, too. That being said, I nominate Woodstock inn’s Death by Sandwich. It’s not nearly as fried, bacon-filled or cheesy as a lot of the other dishes listed, but it might be the best we can offer.

      • sponica says:

        yeah and they picked the panera version…considering how many restaurants in the portsmouth area alone make clam chowder, panera seems like a copout

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      Carl’s Jr = Hardees.

      That said … someone really didn’t do their homework for a few of these.

      • Smashville says:

        Hardees doesn’t exist in Massachusetts either.

        • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

          Well that’s just NUTS. I just looked up Carl Karcher (founder) … he was born in Ohio, so there’s NO connection. I wonder if they’re going to hastily edit that.

  3. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    HAHA! The Fat Darrell still reigns supreme in NJ!

  4. mischlep says:

    mmm… garbage plate (New York).

  5. pop top says:

    Tony’s I-75 Restaurant in Michigan is the best. The portions are insane and I’ve honestly never seen anyone finish a meal. I’ll actually be in that area tonight. Maybe I’ll stop by… :D

    I do see a lot of chains mentioned (DQ, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr.); that’s just cheating.

    • Slave For Turtles says:

      Yes, only a noob or a glutton walks in and orders a “serving” of onion rings or a banana split for themselves alone. Unless things have changed, the servings are ginormous, so bring friends! I say this based on experiences in other Tony’s from many years ago. Ah, good times!

  6. amgriffin says:

    They didn’t even try to find unique regional dishes to use in the article. They get a big lame zero for this one.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      The Fat Darrell is from the lunch trucks outside of Rutgers in NJ. How is that not “regional”?

  7. Smashville says:

    I’m disappointed that Tennessee – the second fattest state in the nation – get some stupid chain restaurant burger. GooGoo Clusters anyone?

  8. Nighthawke says:

    A corn dog for Texas is not acceptable. The fattest city in Texas being Corpus Christi (there’s an element of irony in that name being associated with obesity, think on it), and also the hometown to the Breakfast Tacos, one does not understand until you eat some of them and watch your weight balloon up.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      Corpus is definitely full of fatties.

      So are the suburbs of Dallas. I’ve recently noticed a phenomenon I call “Frisco Ass”; whenever I go there, most of the women I see there have a severe tanning addiction and an enormous ass. Must be too many trips to the chain restaurants they have up there.

  9. semanticantics says:

    Horrible non-article I saw on Fark last night. Minnesota (my state), land of 10,000 varieties of fat on a stick, gets a Wendy’s hamburger?

    • chiieddy says:

      And don’t forget Wendy’s is an OHIO company. Columbus, Ohio.

    • Kuchen says:

      It’s a burger from Dairy Queen, which is a Minnesota company. But I agree, tater tot hot dish would have been a much better choice.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        oh my goodness, i had to google that. aside from the onions, i may need to make this for dinner tonight

  10. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Ah I love me some Philly cheesesteak. We had a little place here in MO for a while that made authentic ones–he even ordered the meat from there!–but it went away. I miss it so…. :(

    • Marshmelly says:

      yay for philly…I love cheesesteaks =)

      My bf moved to North Carolina recently. I have no idea what livermush is (it doesn’t exactly sound appetizing) but I’ll have to see if hes tried it.

      I highly doubt a salad is the most artery-clogging food in WA…haha

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i don’t even know where he’d find it. one of the most historical, traditional southern restaurants within 100 of the state capital doesn’t even serve it


        they have other liver items on the menu, but not pork liver.
        and this is a place known for calling the veggies vegetarian because they fished the salt pork out before serving

    • failurate says:

      Hardee’s for MO? What a bunch of crap. If they wanted to do a St. Louis specialty, how about a slinger?

  11. PencilSharp says:

    Sigh. KY is the 7th fattest in the USA (which is a big whoop anyways), and we get stuck with the credit for the Double Down…

    Yo… c’mon… what about the Cincy-style chili in Newport? BBQ in Bowling Green? The “Pig Lover’s Grits” with ham, bacon, & sausage smothered in butter and red eye gravy from EKY?

    Darn, now I’m hungry…

    • Smashville says:

      Or beer cheese? Come on…BEER CHEESE?

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      please provide any relevant photos and recipes for “The “Pig Lover’s Grits” with ham, bacon, & sausage smothered in butter and red eye gravy from EKY?” if available.
      mmmmmm, that sounds so good

  12. reddbettie says:

    Smith Island Cake is AMAZING and I envy anyone with the patience to make it

    • theblackdog says:

      I am disappointed it landed on this list, because their reasoning is somewhat weak. Sure the cake has 10 layers, but they are extremely thin, hence why it takes a lot of skil to bake it. IIRC the article in WaPo about the cake, each layer is only baked for about 5-6 mins, much longer and you have a nice brown frisbee.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        why not cheat and use dental floss?
        make a couple of normal layers, measure off thin slices, wrap dental floss around the cake and pull the ends past each other and through the cake. you can slice layers as thin as about 1/3 inch. then you get to be careful moving the layers by turning them back and forth from pan to plate to frosted layer but it’s way easier than trying to make a lot of thin layers and individually trying to get them out of a pan.

  13. Daniellethm says:

    Wisconsin cheese curds are amazing! Even the fresh ones (Un-fried) are awesome, but the best are beer battered and deep fried, and almost all diners in the state have some kind. Think I’m gunna go on a cheese run today…

  14. chiieddy says:

    They use lobster rolls in Maine and then give Papa Ginos and D’angelos as examples. Both are Massachusetts companies (Maine became its own state in 1820). On top of that Papa Ginos and D’angelos are actually the SAME parent company. Not a good comparison. They’d be better off checking out Kelly’s Lobster Roll.

  15. Kodai says:

    the best they can get for TX is the Corn Dog? what about the 72oz steaks?

  16. danmac says:

    Washington got a frickin’ Crab Louis salad…how weak is that? The only real criticism they have is that there’s mayo in the dressing, and that low fat mayo would make it considerably healthier. I was hoping for at least a crab cake burger with hollandaise sauce…

  17. rpm773 says:

    Wyoming – Lamb. Jesus….

    So author knows of a handful of specialized items from a few states, and then apparently phoned it in for the rest of them. Top notch.

  18. TJ says:

    I am happy with their selection for Colorado (7-lb burrito). I’ve eaten the normal-sized burritos from the same restaurant, and they are wonderful. Never quite worked up the guts (pun intended) to order the big one, though. If I wasn’t in the middle of a workout/diet regimen right now, I’d go for one tonight.

  19. veg-o-matic says:

    Nebraska gets Eskimo Pie and Mass gets a Chocolate Chip cookie??!?

    Lazy. Better to assign Maine’s Lobster Roll to Massachusetts and give Maine Poutine instead.

    And sure, Nebraska isn’t as big on fried foods as our Great Lakes friends, but this person has no idea how many iterations of Beef there are in Nebraska? Or, oh, maybe did the Germans’ obsession with adding cabbage to everything make it too “healthy?”

    Given that a staple food of our most successful restaurant – Runza, home of.. The Runza – is a Swiss Cheese Mushroom Burger, I think just an hour or two in any of our major cities or fine small towns in decline would have pulled up a number of fatty contenders.

    And I dont know anyone who considers Eskimo pies uniquely Nebraskan. Never had one myself.

    Blërg to this! I was promised extreme examples of American excess categorized by geography, not a Freshman’s Wikipedia essay!

  20. PunditGuy says:

    Minnesota got a fast-food chain burger as its worst. With thousands of places selling fried walleye sandwiches and as the home of the cheese-stuffed burger, I think we can do better.

    Speaking of which, this Health.com list was so lame, we should just generate our own. I nominate either the Jucy Lucy or Juicy Lucy, although I can’t find nutritional information for either listed anywhere.

  21. ap0 says:

    Of course we get a salad here in Seattle. It’s clearly the worst thing we could come up with.

    • Bakergirl says:

      Sucks huh?! :) Didn’t even mention Beth’s Cafe with it’s 12 egg omlette served on a pizza pan WITH hashbrowns (As shown on Man VS Food!) Well at least my Portland’s got a nod for the
      Redonkadonk Burger.

  22. It'sRexManningDay! says:

    Mmmm…Smith Island cake from the eastern shore of MD! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it; there’s a good reason it’s the Official State Dessert. Banana cream is my favorite!

  23. lv_spiff says:

    Quadrupal bypass burger has nothing on the Sonoran Dog – the burger may be bigger but a hotdog wrapped in bacon and covered in mayo is better

  24. kjherron says:

    The best they could come up with for Ohio is a Bob Evans breakfast bowl? A Skyline chili 5-way has more fat, calories, and sodium than that!

  25. jackbishop says:

    Forget about the 4×4, the 100×100 is the one that’ll really kill you.

    Also, bah, the Double Down? I’d vote for the Hot Brown, which is basically a melted pile of meat-and-dairy-fat on a piece of toast (a good pile, mind, but basically an enormous festival of grease).

  26. coren says:

    They didn’t even try for Washington. I mean, hell, Beth’s Cafe (featured on Man V Food no less) has a 12 egg omlette with a shitton of cheese and chili, served with hashbrowns on a friggen pizza plate. I think that has a little more fat than some salad.

    • Bakergirl says:

      That’s what I said at ap0!!

      “Sucks huh?! :) Didn’t even mention Beth’s Cafe with it’s 12 egg omlette served on a pizza pan WITH hashbrowns (As shown on Man VS Food!) Well at least my Portland’s got a nod for the
      Redonkadonk Burger.”

      That’s not investigative journalisim!!! ;)

  27. zandar says:

    That BLT. WTF?!

  28. zandar says:

    oh, and don’t you be tryin’ to take my KC Burnt Ends away. it’s the stuff BBQ dreams are made of.

  29. bhr says:

    Why do people keep shoving Smith Island Cakes in my face? I know no one who has eaten them, few who have heard of them, and yet, they are the official “state dessert” and now make this list.

    Give me a pair of monster crab cakes from G&M, a sub from Captain Harvey’s or anything from the Golden West.

  30. justagigilo85 says:

    What obesity problem? *NOM*NOM*NOM*

  31. XTC46 says:

    For those who have never gotten to enjoy a Loco Moco in Hawaii you are missing out. They are delicious. YOu can make one at home if you want. Put some rice in a bowl, throw on a hamburger patty, drop an over easy egg on top of that, then pour brown gravy on top. I swear, nothing is better at 4am after drinking all night.

  32. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    hrm, including national or more than statewide fast food chains and restaurants seems like cheating.

  33. DingDongNoid says:

    Dear Health.com,

    Try harder.

  34. BigBoat2 says:

    And now I’m craving some burnt ends.

  35. MrBryan says:

    How dare they mention Philly Cheese Steak and Subway in the same sentence.

  36. RvLeshrac says:

    Uh, yeah. In Georgia, home of The Varsity, The Vortex, and http://www.fistofblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/hamdog.jpg , we get the double-cheeseburger-on-a-glazed-donut Luther Burger? WTF? Seriously?