Domino's Thinks Your Actual Pizza Could Star In An Ad

Do you like photography? Do you like money? Do you like pizza? Well, are you willing to tolerate Domino’s instead? The chain is running a photo contest, and has solicited photos of actual, real-life pizzas from customers. Our tipster J.P. wonders, “I wonder if they’ll be so bold as to post EVERY entry no matter how it looks?” Guess we’ll find out.

The contest is meant to promote a new promise by Domino’s not to use fancy food styling tricks in their future ads. Its rules seem to offer Domino’s an out, thanks to the judging criteria:


  • Creativity/Originality (33%).
  • Quality of Composition (33%).
  • Adherence to the Photo Promise as described on the Website (34%).

The “Photo Promise,” while well-meaning, implies that the pizzas are supposed to look good. Oh, well. Let’s hope some creative folks find a way around the rules and have fun with it.

Domino’s Pizza Photo Contest [Official Site]

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