Video: Stepping In Tarballs A Beach Vacation Lowpoint For Little Girl

This video shows a lgirl stepping into a tarball on a Destin, FL and screaming for her mother to get it off. The politicians and billboards are telling people to never mind the oil spill, come down to the shore, the water’s fine. Some of them are, but this beach is not, not today.

It’s covered in tarballs and summer pleasure-seekers are still frolicking in the waters. Undaunted, the vacationers carry bottles of “Goo Gone” to deal with the oil they’re sharing the ocean with.

Some hotels and rental properties are fighting back with their own YouTube videos. This one was uploaded six days prior and is also of Destin Beach in the Florida panhandle:

“Destin Oil Spill Beach Update 6/17 from Five Star Beach Properties, The beaches are oil and tarball free…no smell of oil. The water is extremely clear today. The water is warm and a lot of people are out enjoying it today!”

However, the ocean is not a static object, and these amazing/horrifying photos show, even if you don’t see the oil, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Mother of the Year Lets Distressed Daughter Play on Oil-Soaked Beach [Gawker.TV] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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