Stone Brewing Co. Discovers Its Beer Mustard Is Missing The Beer

In addition to pale ales, Stone Brewing Co. sells mustards and sauces made with beer. Last week, in a blog post titled “MustardGate 2010,” the company announced that it recently discovered its mustards were beerless. (Or as they describe it, those mustards are “instant beer mustards–just add beer!”) The real mystery is what happened to the beer; the brewer says the kegs sent out to the mustard company were sent back empty.

Although their apology video is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the company seems sincere enough about the manufacturing screw-up. Their official recall offer is somewhat meager: bring your mustard into their physical location and they’ll swap it for a 22 oz. bottle of beer, or use a coupon code to take 10% off any other order. But on their Facebook page, they say they’ll be refunding accounts:

We will be refunding all accounts that ordered from us, and are going through our records to review all the orders placed. Please bear with us as we try to make this a speedy process. We intend to make it right with not just our fans, but stores as well. Please give us a call.

MustardGate 2010 [] (Thanks to Nick!)

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