This Fair Will Fry Anything And Everything For You

Glenn writes to us after surviving a San Diego fair that’s gone a little wild with the fry vat. As if a sandwich with Krispy Kremes as the bread wasn’t deadly enough on its own, the carnie folk have gone and fried it good.

Fairs have never been known for caloric restraint, but the ad display Glenn shot and sent us signifies that the fair is pushing the fry-everything craze into sign-of-the-apocalypse territory.

He writes:

We went to the Del Mar Fair in San Diego this past weekend (think County Fair) and was totally blown away by one booth that totally focused on everything fried! The Chicken Charlie’s booth promoted fired Klondike ice cream, fried Twinkies and get this, fried Krispy Kreme donut chicken sandwich! I can just imagine the gut busting calories of each of these artery clogging desserts. I have to say that the line to get food at this concessionaire was intense!

What’s your favorite fried food that really shouldn’t be fried?

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