How To Dispute Credit Report Errors

Over 80% of credit reports have errors on them, errors which could be lowering your credit score and keeping you from getting credit or paying more for it than you should. Here’s how to fix them:

1. Check out all three of your credit reports for free at
2. Look over all reports for any derogatory errors.
3. Contact the credit bureau and dispute them. This can be done online and/or in writing.
4. Contact the creditor/company furnishing the negative item to the credit bureaus. Request in writing to investigate the dispute and share its information with the bureau.
5. By federal law, if you request the company to investigate and you provide them with your correct contact information and account number, they MUST investigate. Ask to be cc’d on everything they send to the bureau.

Remember to send all letters by certified mail and request a receipt so no one can say that your letter got lost in the mail.

80% of credit reports have errors; How to dispute credit report errors [AJC]

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