Grocery Same Size Ray Keeps Shaving Cream Same Size, Lies About It

We’ve extensively documented the use of the Grocery Shrink Ray to fool humans’ puny brains into thinking that familiar products are the same size they’ve always been. But Jim has discovered something even more devious: the Same Size Ray, which has a similar but more nefarious effect on consumer products. It emblazons packaging with the exciting news that a product is now bigger: but it’s all a cruel lie. Maybe.

Attached is a photograph taken at my local Dollar Tree. It shows the appearance of the rarely-seen “Same Size Ray”, in which a product of the same size is dressed up as offering an extra amount of product.

I don’t know if you can tell from my awful cellphone cam pic, but the newer “25% more free!” cans are slightly slimmer and a good half inch taller than the original cans, making it look at first glance like the new cans contain more product. But a look at the label says that the older cans contain the same amount as the new cans: 14oz. In fact, the older cans hold slightly more product (396g vs. 395g)!

Now, Jim didn’t say what proof he has that one can is older than the other. This being Dollar Tree, maybe the cans came from different markets entirely. Be watchful nevertheless: your favorite companies might be prepping the Same Size Ray right now.

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