Bring A Cash Tip If You're Going To Supercuts

If you’re planning a haircut at Supercuts anytime soon, bring cash to tip your super cutter. Joe reports that his local branch of the chain, at least, has stopped letting customers add a tip for their stylist to their total bill. Tips are now cash only.

I went to Supercuts last night, and they’ve changed their payment policy. You can’t tip when paying with credit/debit card; only cash tips are allowed. It sucks for the stylists working there (I asked them), because most people don’t know the policy and do not have cash to tip. So, the stylists are taking a huge hit right now. Bummer for them.

Why doesn’t Supercuts allow tipping on credit cards? Every restaurant in the world seems to have figured it out.

If I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with the fees that Supercuts must pay on credit card transactions. Even a few cents on the dollar adds up across the chain, after all.

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