Drunk Driver Catapults Car Over Tollbooth

This is not how you avoid paying an airport toll. Repeat, do not hit the concrete barrier at a high rate of speed and go all General Lee over the tollbooth. Your car may burst into flames and you might die.

In fact, there is not a recommended method for avoiding a toll, because it’s important to pay tolls because the money goes to things like road maintenance and improvements, and paying for crews to remove flaming car hulls off the highway.

NBCDFW reports that after the car vaulted landed over the booth, as well as the car that was in front of her in the toll lane, it burst into flames and the driver escaped safely. However, she then kept trying to get back into the car while it was on fire.

We’re late to the party on this video but wanted to get this important public safety announcement out there.

Car Cannonballs Over DFW Airport Tollbooth [NBCDFW] (Thanks to humphrmi!)

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