Couple Accused Of Stuffing Toll Baskets To Steal Coins Join Drivers’ Hall Of Toll Shame

Image courtesy of MPD01605

While it’s doubtful that anyone has ever driven up to a tollbooth and exclaimed, “Oh, goodie! I get to pay a toll!” it’s important to help keep the nation’s roads maintained and drivable. Police in New Jersey say that one couple not only avoided paying tolls, but hatched a scheme to pocket all those coins for themselves.

According to New Jersey State Police, two Atlantic City residents shoved a bunch of material in toll baskets on the Atlantic City Expressway to prevent coins from dropping in, then came back later to scoop up the money, reports New Jersey 101.5 radio. They’re also accused of stealing any coins on the ground that missed the baskets entirely.

Investigators say they were tipped off by the South jersey Transportation Authority about several toll basket malfunctions and toll shortages. All the malfunctions occurred between August and September and were at the same entrance and exit ramps, so detectives checked surveillance footage at that location, and spotted the suspects exiting their vehicle and stuffing the baskets.

After the investigation, authorities arrested the twosome and charged them with theft for tampering with the tolls and stealing the money.

These alleged actions have earned the couple a spot in the Consumerist Drivers’ Hall Of Toll Shame, joining the current members below:

• The trucker accused of using a James Bond-style device to avoid paying a$95 fare for an 18-wheeler;

• The man who allegedly posed as his brother to avoid paying $7,500 in unpaid tolls;

• And the New Jersey driver who was arrested upon accusations that he’d skipped paying tolls more than 500 times.

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