Woman Arrested For Squatting In $3.3 Million Mansion

If you’re going to live in a house that doesn’t belong to you, why not make it a luxury home? After all, there are more than a few of them sitting empty these days. And that’s exactly what a woman in Washington state had been doing, at least until she got caught.

The 30-year-old was taken into custody by police in Kirkland, WA, after a real estate agent had tipped off the authorities that people had moved into the 6-bedroom, 9-bathroom, 6-car garage home without actually buying or renting it.

When confronted by police, the woman produced paperwork saying she was the rightful owner of the deluxe digs. The tax logs and utility companies disagreed, as did the bank who actually owns the home.

Though there were others living in the house, police only arrested the woman for criminal trespass, as she was the one who said she owned the building.

The bank has since taken control of the house and all is right with the world again.

You can take a virtual tour of the disputed house at the realtor’s site and decide is (A) this is worth $3.3 million and (B) was worth getting arrested for squatting in.

Kirkland police arrest woman living in $3M home [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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