Former Sandwich Artist: Subway Fired Me For Feeding Fire Victims

A former employee at a Subway in Nova Scotia claims that she was shown the door by her employer after she attempted to use her free daily sub to feed a pair of neighbors who had been put out of their homes by a fire.

The woman lives in an apartment building that was hit by a fire last week, forcing many tenants out of their homes. Since her apartment was spared the flames and smoke, she opened up her door to a pair of neighbors who needed some place to stay.

And when they came by the Subway where she was working to thank her, she says:

They showed up. I knew they had no food, no money and no where to live so I gave them each a six-inch sub I was supposed to write down as my employee meal

Each day she worked, this former sandwich artist had been entitled to either one 12″ sub or two 6″ subs free of charge. She claims she simply forgot to mark down the two 6″ subs she gave to her put-out pals, and the next time she showed up for work she was given the heave-ho.

“I had no intention of stealing the sandwiches,” the dismissed employee, who had worked at Subway for 10 months without any other incidents, explains. “It was just a really hectic week and I wanted to help the people around me who needed it.”

Her landlord attempted to contact her former bosses to plead the woman’s case, but she now says she wouldn’t take the job back if it were offered to her.

Subway employee fired for feeding fire victims [Vancouver Sun] Thanks to Dustin for the tip!

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